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Little Werewolf Lost | March 2, 2010

Last night turned out to be a pretty interesting one. I ran into my EX.

We broke up last year.

Instead of the usual, “it’s not you, it’s me” or “we just make better friends” kind of speech, ours was more volatile and involved concussions.

My Ex and I now avoid each other rather deliberately. Paris, my new boyfriend, doesn’t like Conall, my ex, because of what he did to me. Conall doesn’t like Paris because he ended up with me. So there’s absolutely no love lost between these two macho werewolves.

So when Paris and I go to a pack party in Brooklyn, It’s not going to end well when the three of us come face to face together.

But now, I’m kind of like, little werewolf lost. Because I’m from one pack, dating a wolf from an entirely different pack.

Which has put me on the outs, with those in the Breukelen pack. Ever since the break up, all of my so called “friends” have pretty much ditched me. They’ve decided to stick with Conall. Because he is pack, born and breed.

It became obvious, quickly, that Paris and I were not welcome.

All because Conall Wakely, is a Breukelen pack wolf, with a lot of friends. Who clearly did not feel comfortable with me and my boyfriend, an Alpha from a neighboring pack, appearing there. Or the fact, probably, that I’m dating an Alpha, was a slap in his ego! Must have struck a nerve with that one.

These ‘friends’ feel the need to be loyal to Conall, like he hasn’t done anything wrong just because he hasn’t dated outside of the pack.

It’d probably be looked on better if I’d just slept my way around outside of pack, with humans after the break up, and then took up my next relationship, with another Breukelen wolf.

But that’s not me.

The house party host, Davey came up to me and said “He can’t be here.”
Pointing at Paris, who’s hand I was holding. Someone should have told Davey, if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.

“His name is Paris and he’s with me.”

“He’s not pack and you know what that means on lunar week.”

What the come mierda was subtly referring to is the commonly acknowledged, agreement all the New York packs have about entering into other pack’s territories on lunar week. It’s just a way for the packs to police the wolves, ensure the violence is limited if at all. It’s how we maintain the peace. All werewolves are made aware of this. So we don’t all go to war with one another.

But I didn’t think Davey was going to call me bringing my date, my boyfriend to his party, an act of war and if he was, I was going to smack him down in front of all our pack. I might not be much of a fighter, but I could sure as hell take his punk ass out.

Pretty sure.

“He’s my pack mate. He won’t go anywhere without me.” I replied diplomatically, already knowing it would be no good. What I should have said was Callete la boca and just ignored him.

But Davey persisted in pushing my buttons, because, Conall was there standing by his side in a rather silently intimidating way. Clearly, his ‘friend’ had to come good on getting rid of us. Lest he be insulted.

“He needs to leave.”

I think these wolves need to just grow the fuck up and learn to deal with change. Seriously, get over their own sense of self righteous superiority.

“He will go, when I go.” I said far more calmly than I felt. Even as Paris continued to remain silent by my side, holding my hand. Allowing me to fight our battle.

See, in Brooklyn, he has no right to start a fight up. In Manhattan I have no right. So this was all about me, doing something for us, regardless of the Breukelen.

The Breukelen leading Alpha is aware I’m dating Paris and has let us both know that when ever Paris is over here, while he’s in this relationship with me, he comes under Breukelen protection. The same goes for me when I’m over in Manhattan.

So we were both within our rights to be in Brooklyn. Regardless of whatever the fuck Davey and the others thought.

“Then you need to figure out where your loyalty lies.” Davey replied looking me dead in the eyes. By this stage, we’d gathered quite a crowd of onlookers. Conall standing smugly by Davey’s side, his arms folded of his chest. He still hadn’t said a word out loud to me.

“Is that a threat Davey?”

He shrugged his shoulders loosely.
“Take it anyway you want to. This is my house, my party and..”

“I take it as a threat to me and my pack mate and I’m calling you on it.”

I let go of Paris’s hand quickly. I had to be ready for the off chance that Davey would actually attempt to fight me. He’s not much of a fighter, so at least it might be an evenly matched fight. But Davey does whatever Conall says.

Fucking shouldn’t be called a werewolf, should be called a sheep.

The was an audible murmur through the crowd. They wanted a fight. Typical Werewolves. Love to see ourselves in action. Guess it’s why dominance fights are so popular. They’re conducted in human form, no shape shifting allowed.

Werewolves never get tired of seeing how far you can push the human body before it’s wrecked enough to give in, conceded defeat and shape shift.

The tension in the air, was just waiting to explode. But I think Davey was nervous, I’d like to think it was probably because he knows I could kick his ass.

My eyes fell on Conall.
He stared at me hard. I held his gaze, with contempt.

“Dude, let them finish their drinks at least.” He said before walking off. And that was all it took to take the tension out of the air. The atmosphere changed instantly.

They’d all been waiting on Conall to give Davey a green light. Wonder if Conall knows how gutless Davey really is.

I watched him let out a heavy sigh of relief and the entire crowd dissipated, once it was obvious there was not going to be any in house fighting. The party continued on, everyone back to whatever they’d been doing before I’d become a sideshow attraction.

I turned to look at Paris and he smiled at me.

“You are seriously so fucking hot right now, have I told you how much I love having a kick ass wolf for a girlfriend?”

I smirked a little, grabbed his hand and got us out of there.



  1. kinda wish you’d expound more on what happened with Connall. I really enjoy reading your blog.

    Love it.

    Comment by Blackredbluefire — March 2, 2010 @ 10:28 pm

    • Hmmm. see if I can bring myself to do it.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — March 3, 2010 @ 1:21 am

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