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Lycans | March 5, 2010

There is a difference in werewolf world, between Werewolves and Lycans.

Hollywood would have you humans believe that Lycan is somehow the traditional name for a werewolf.

However, what is really means is that you’re not a full fledged werewolf, at least, not in the natural sense. You weren’t born a werewolf, you were made. Attacked and mauled, bitten and your body changed you into a werewolf.

The problem with being a Lycan is, you don’t get the benefits of the natural born werewolf.

For starters, its very rare for a werewolf pack to accept a Lycan into the fold. Werewolf packs are all about survival.

The Breukelen and Manhattan Packs are different to this rule, but that’s because – I’d like to think, they’re more advanced with their thinking and more tolerate of understanding. But there are those werewolf packs that are traditional in their ways of running things. They believe in order to keep the pack structure in tact, the blood lines pure, and weed out weakness and bad influence, that Lycans can not be accepted in their pack or even, in their territory.

Yeah, I know, what a bitch.

You get attacked by a werewolf and then you get thrown to the wolves again – figuratively speaking, by those that attacked you, abandoning you and telling you to go deal with it yourself, just not in their neighborhood.

So it’s probably no wonder, Lycans tend to be lone wolves. Could be because of this inaction by the beings that attacked them. A hatred.

If the human survives the initial attack and then the process of their first shape shift, you can’t help but think they’re with in their rights to be a little bit jaded about it all. It’s like they want to retain their previous life, so they try to be more human than before, change can be a difficult thing to adapt to, when it’s thrust upon you without a say in the matter.

Of course, they’re not really all that human once the Lycan part kicks into effect.

They will have to shape shift on lunar weeks, just like other were’s and they can forget about any pretty, silver jewelry. That shit affects them too.

Whilst Lycan’s can heal themselves, it’s usually at a slower rate. I mean, it’s fast by human standards but not like a werewolf.

They don’t tend to have as good tracking skills as werewolves either.

There is a base element that smells similar to metal in Lycans. Kind of like, that’s their pack smell, if you want to call it that for lack of a better description.

Shifting at will is a lot harder to do, but not utterly impossible from what I’ve seen of them, and a hell of a lot more painful than it even is for me having a bad shape shift.

There’s debate over how in control of their animal side Lycans really are. They tend to be fairly aggressive, even when in human form. Probably why they end up living alone and fighting amongst their own kind a hell of a lot.

It’s like the Lycan is the b-side of the werewolf, full of rage, with more weakness than a naturally born werewolf.

Not that werewolves are all cute and huggable all the time either.


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