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Suck it up baby Suck it up! | March 6, 2010

You know what’s wrong?

It’s wrong when your EX sends you flowers for being a complete A-hole to you in public after your first reunion.

I mean, what the baise is that about?

What’s even worse, is when you get the flowers delivered to you in front of your current boyfriend, and you think you’re being funny by saying “Flowers, oh you shouldn’t have.”

To which Paris (said new boyfriend) says “I didn’t….this time.”

Yeah, really. Talk about embarrassing yourself.
I snatched the card out of the very large bouquet of brightly colored flowers, and read it’s message.

Sorry, Conall.

Normally, I like getting flowers. Baise.

Paris looked at me rater expectantly with one eyebrow raised. I had no words for him. But he probably sensed the spike in my pulse, even without touching me. Merde. So I just shook my head and tore up the card.

In my books, hindsight doesn’t count for anything other than guilt. If you couldn’t be nice the first time, don’t bother trying to make up for what is already done. Impression was made, feelings were hurt. Because WE’RE OVER. You know, done. Dusted. Finished. Finito. Not going back there.



What I needed, was for four nights ago, for you to just act civilized to me, when I was at the party with my new pack mate. You know, be a proper wolf about it and suck it up baby, suck it up! Not try and humiliate me, or shame me because my date is not a Breukelen. Not try and be-little me by undermining my mate.

Trouble is, Conall.

He’s not just any ex boyfriend, he’s a werewolf who maybe now is realizing what he let go. Well, more correctly, fought in the wrong kind of way, too late – might I add, to keep.

I grabbed the delivery guy before he could disappear completely, gave him a fifty, told him to drive to Cobble Hill or The Markus Garvey Nursing Home, what ever was closest, with the flowers and give them to the first patient he saw sitting down and tell them they were from an anonymous friend who hoped they brightened up their day.

Werewolf males, seriously I’m sure I know far too many who are like this. Like, Conall, I mean, it’s not an isolated attitude.

To be territorially possessive. They love the fight, to rub up against angst, and they aren’t afraid of all that much. Except perhaps actually opening up to the human side of them. You know, the one thing in their life, they really suck at controlling. The side that works daily on pure emotions. The side they use as cover for the rest of them.

I’ve always found being a werewolf to be a dual identity.

But Conall isn’t like that, he’s all werewolf, he prefers to be the wolf in human clothing. He prefers to use his abilities to his advantage in every day life. He lives with wolves, he works with humans and he interacts in a society that has both. But his vision is very black and white on where he stands.

He’s a pack wolf who acts like being human is a weakness, a bad habit, a hindrance, and an annoyance. He’s made up his mind, to embrace the paranormal side of his life, to use it fully, utilize it. But his human skills, just suck in return.

Hence the ugly run in the other night with him.

The honeymoon is over perdant
Move on.

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  1. Hmm.. It’s not over, he’s not giving up with just that. It’s a guy thing, “Were’s” or not, deep down beneath most guy’s slick, and sensitive “manly” exterior, lies….. a douche.. a giant stubborn a55h0le of a douchebag who doesn’t know what “No” means.. it’s a guy thing.. 🙂

    Love your blog!

    Comment by Blackredbluefire — March 6, 2010 @ 10:18 am

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