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Meet the Alpha’s | March 7, 2010

So after the weirdness of seeing Conall again and the whole Flowers episode, I was hoping for a return to normal stable, life. Well you know, whatever can be considered normal for a werewolf. No more odd surprises and weird moments for me, thank you.

Lunar Week is for the oddities and that’s a while off for March. Thankfully.
Means I get to breathe.

But no, let’s continue down the freaking rabbit hole and see where I land next.

I guess it shouldn’t seem so weird, meeting your packmate’s parents for the first time.
But well, it is.

Paris says we have both been invited to dinner with his family. His mother wants to meet me.

Doesn’t that sound ominous?
Well it does to me.

You see his mother, is an Alpha female.

So not only is she Paris’s mother, she’s also highly revered in the pack and greater werewolf community.

Alpha females are seriously hard to come by in big numbers. They’re numbers are even worse because of the werewolf birth rate.

Not every pack has one.

The Manhattan Pack, has three of them.
Well, had.

Paris’s mother being the matriarchal figure of the Alpha females in Manhattan. Isabelle, the pack wolf, that ended up leaving the pack, because of Black Dog, and her sister, my nemisis, Gabby.

Alpha females are generally held in almost royal regard within werewolf packs. Generally speaking it’s partially because they’re rare.

Of course, being an Alpha means their abilities are stronger and better than beta wolves. I guess it’s about the blood lines and having the purity to breed the strongest or best of our kind. Maybe that’s why the reverence.

Paris’s whole family – mother, father and sons are Alpha’s. Yep, meet the Alpha’s and try and eat your dinner. Should prove interesting, or completely frightening, I’m not sure which. Probably because my nerves are wrecking me.

So out of all these Alpha’s, it’s the female I kind of fear the most.

Female wolves, bring a whole new meaning to the word bitch.

Now, I can hold my own against regular bitches, the wolf takes care of that side of confidence for me. I can rumble with the wolves too, as Gabby has found out already. Smirk. But this is my packmate’s mother.

Obviously Paris’s mother Marion wouldn’t be the first Alpha female I’ve been around, there would be my sister and their would be bitchy Gabby too. But got to say, that’s about it as far as my experience with the strongest females of our lines goes. So far, those interactions with both Alpha females has been vastly different from one another.

For starters, my sister doesn’t hate me. Gabby does. Secondly, my sister would never fight me, or strike out at me. Gabby is itching to swipe a claw down my face very time she sees me with Paris in Manhattan on a lunar week.

So, really, Gabby is my only impression of an Manhattan Alpha female. Not a good impression to work off. But she’s not related to the Paris’s family and Paris is, and I rather like him.

A hell of a lot.

So I guess I’m off on a dinner date with the D’arenberg wolves. Here’s hoping I’m not the main course.



  1. Wow.. it sounds like a souped-up Mother-in-law on Steroids from hell.. hahahaha! now that’s scary!

    Comment by Blackredbluefire — March 8, 2010 @ 5:27 am

    • Souped up – that term sounds right for Alpha Females.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — March 8, 2010 @ 5:54 am

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