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There’s always difference | March 29, 2010

It’s been suggested that werewolves are hunted, because well, we’re like you humans.

Only, you know, genetically different and unexplained and therefore, we scare the crap out of humans and they in return turn to their trusted action of needing to control us. Of wanting to be the top predator, on the food chain and the dominant force in society.

I hardly think werewolves in today’s society have come across as threatening. But then, I guess that depends on what pushes your fear buttons. After all, isn’t the Latino population supposed to hit a record high number in the future in the US? 30% in 2050 compared to about 5% now.
Doesn’t bother me, but it will bother some.

There’s always difference and not everyone appreciates that.

What misconceptions you believe whole heartedly and how easily influenced you are by propaganda and mis-information. By believing something because you’re presented with a believable story, yet you’ve never gotten to know a werewolf first hand, or interacted with one.

Human history has a great record of fear mongering. Just think of the Salem witch trials, or of the Jews being rounded up for Auschwitz in Germany. No justifiable reason for it, other than those people existing. And for another person believing them of being different to what someone thought was the normal and guideline for everyone to live by.

That sword wielding man in Washington that said he was out hunting werewolves and C.H.U.D.S. The newspaper reports on it made it sound like he might be in need of a mental health evaluation. But after speaking to my friend Sonny at Seattle U-District pack, I don’t necessarily believe that to be the case.

But the story presented is plausible, I mean, what werewolf wants to make the front cover of the news? How could that possibly work in our favor?

Sonny said to me, that there were a various rumors suddenly flying around up there. But nobody could seemingly confirm any of them. Or was really speaking out on it, or wanted to. Which of course, just makes the whole situation more suspicious than normal by the minute. Sonny said the two rumors getting repeated the most were that the guy was part of some, try hard, hunting outfit, that seemingly knew of the Seattle clans and wanted to have a bit of fun. Figured after a few too many tripping on who knows what and several hours in a bar and boredom on the hunting video game there, that they could do it for real.

The second most popular rumor appeared to be it was some sort of secret society hazing ritual. That they had set the guy up. After a few serious run-ins with some less than amused werewolves out there, they, turned the tables and pursued him, to Bainbridge Island. Made him scared in the process of running for his life. Then mercifully, some local had decided to call in the authorities to stop the shenanigans of those, bad seed wolves. Of course, if this rumour is true, I doubt we’ll know about it’s authenticity until said werewolves are punished. If it were Breukelen wolves, they’d be punished regardless of wether the sword guy started the whole thing or not, first.

There could be any reason for the guy to be wielding a sword. Maybe he thought he was some sort of king. Maybe he thought he was in Lord of the Rings, maybe he’d been released from a mental institution after being experimented on. Again, Sonny tells me it’s all hearsay. Without any actual confirmation of pretty much anything. But those Seattle wolves are pretty tight, they keep a close eye on their packs and their boundaries. So I’m sure if anyone is going to know what was going out there, then those Seattle Alki’s will.

Still why hunt the werewolf?

It’s not like we’re some sort of invading pest into the population. Hell, we have issues sustaining our population from generation to next generation. So it can’t be that.

I can’t really come up with a plausible excuse as to why people’s attitudes towards us would be inclined to hunt us. With a more and more, public and open view of this. Other than to think of personal attack. Which by rights, should be for the majority, if not all, controlled and under control by the various Pack leaders across the packs.

So again it makes me think, it’s about difference and what you don’t know can and might harm you. If you let your over-active brain, get truly paranoid enough on the subject, for no other reason, than it can be terrified.

But what If everyone in the world were the same? Looked the same, acted the same, and believed the same?

It surely would be the strangest world to live in, even more so than now.


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