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Mating Dance | March 31, 2010

Sometimes, there’s just no need to go out. Don’t get me wrong, the werewolf clubs of New York, are awesome, especially on a lunar week. But I don’t always need them. They provide a…service in the kind of environment that benefits a werewolf going through lunar week. But it’s not like that intensity of sexual need can’t be built upon elsewhere. Especially if you have your own pack mate, who rather specializes in intensity and charisma at the same time.

Call me a sucker, but Paris has it. Loads of it.

So that’s why the plans to go out the other night were completely thrown out the window, whilst our clothes were just thrown around the room. Because whilst werewolves aren’t the most bashful of creatures, when we come to in human form, most of us just don’t want to get arrested for indecency in a public. Most of us. Too many questions, to many hard stares, and then the suspicions arise.

Still, like I said, we didn’t go public. We stayed in. Being the Alpha of the pack, means Paris gets to call the shots, and whilst it might be good for the image of the Alpha to be seen amongst his pack during lunar week, it doesn’t mean he can’t have the occasional night off. Leaving things to his second in command, Addison. Besides, we had been club hopping for the past few nights and we had, intended originally to go out.

But we just never got to it.

See the shower was rather nice and as much as I like the feel of water pounding down on me like a steady massage over my skin, when I’m wound up tight, like on a lunar week, I like the feel of the werewolf before me, even more. Even when he’s not, actually touching me. Well, you know, not to begin with. The build up of anticipation is like a climbing a mountain of expectation and exhilaration. Courses through my blood and pounds at my head, till it’s the only thought in there.

What could be. What’s he going to do to me? What does he want to do? How good is it going to feel? Can I get through that intensity in one piece and still breath? Are my legs going to hold me up?

I was under the spray of the water and he was standing in front me, looking back at me. And we were having a silent conversation of minds and eyes and looks and sighs and moans, and it was all good.

I couldn’t have told you whether the temperature went up due to the water or because of the two of us. Because the anticipation of what could be, was edging us both on. Paris’s hands on his body, my hands found use of mine.

I leaned back against the coolly tiled wall behind me and grinned at him. Sex is best when its fun and utterly, enjoyable. Really, why settle for less? He leaned forward, an inch or so within my space, his breath as hot as the water’s steam, those dark eyes drilling into me. Making me feel owned outright by him, in the kind of way you’re willing to be someone else’s. His arm extended over my shoulder, his palm flat against the wall there. So he was close, oh, so close to me. We moved in a synchronized harmony, that was not only solely for our own pleasure but for the other one’s too.

Werewolves mating dance. It’s the only way a wolf ever wants to be captured.

Of course, after the build up, you have to take the ride, or what’s the point? So there we were, facing one another, dripping in water and surrounded by steam. Listening to each other’s heart racing as our pace increased and our wolves urged us on to one another. Of course, after we got our fill, things didn’t exactly end there.

Why stop at one sin, when you can have all seven?

But it was enough to make both our bodies at ease to find the comfort needed to seamlessly shape shift for the night.


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