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Express Elevator | April 1, 2010

So you know, if some geeked out graphics designer can sell the mummified remains of a fairy on Ebay, I should be able to figure out this whole dating a werewolf thing.

Especially since I am one.

I mean, sure, werewolves have common traits together, like pack lines, alliances, rules and regulations that govern their lives and abilities, fur, shape shifting, but there are still differences. Rarely are we all the same.

I have no idea how it all works, I don’t question the how come. I just try to enjoy my life and get through the werewolf side of it.

But having boyfriend or EX-boyfriend issues, is really bringing my ‘happiness to enjoy life’ down big time. I feel maxed out with the hairy males in my life.

Especially when the current boyfriend, Paris, seemingly teams up with the Ex boyfriend Conall. I mean, what the fuck is that about? Are they trying to make my head explode from thoughts of….what, exactly?

Werewolf males do tend get more easily aggressive towards one another. So hatred aside, what’s the big deal?

Both these two males were involved, are involved, in my life. So when we’re all thrown together in a situation, as recent goings on have proven, that’s not really a good combination to be in. We’ve been a hair’s breath away from getting into some smack down, drag ‘em out fight.

So when you’re all stuck in an elevator together, just the three of you, with no room to move, no escape, bodies touching, the tension rising, you could cut the air with a swipe of claws. And trying to concentrate so you can all get out of this confining metal box together, can be a little tricky A bit distracting to say the least.

I’m not claustrophobic, but I do not like to be caged, I do not like the feeling of restraints. So take note – no kinky tie-up-sex. I hate the restriction, I like the freedom of movement, the sense of being able to move.

However, when all you can do is stand around or sit down, staring at walls or each other, you tend to start talking. And really, that’s when it went wrong. No, it wasn’t wrong when we were ONLY stuck in an elevator together. It went wrong when they started to talk.

“Well, this is the worst case scenario possible isn’t it?” Conall snickered at me, looking up at the roof of the elevator as he spoke.

“Tell me about it.” I muttered unhappily.

“Okay, here’s the why,” He replied studying something about the roof.

“Do us all a favour and don’t.” Paris replied flippantly eyeing the doors of the elevator and running his hands over the seam of the doors.

I should point out, we’d already tried the emergency phone button in the elevator. We got nothing. It dialled out but we got nothing but a crackled reply of static or live wire. Who knows why.

Of course, Paris’s reply aggravated Conall, which he meant to do.

“Man, I’m not you’re fucking lap dog. I don’t follow your orders.”

“It was a request.” Paris replied, still with his back to Conall.

“Fuck you and you’re Alpha shit.” Conall replied angrily, which caused Paris to turn around.

“Grow up Conall you angry fucking pup,” I snarled at him. “Why do you always have to fight? You dumb fucking male.”

His eyes shifted to me.

“Because you’re meant to be with me, not him.”

“Fuck you.” I replied spitting in his face. He smirked.

“What here?” He asked breaking into a smile, and raising his eyebrows up and down quickly.

Of course, this got to Paris in the worst way possible. He stepped between us. With one hand he shoved him backwards, onto the elevator wall.

Conall laughed at him. It was of course, the reaction he was after.

“Didn’t you hear her brother? She doesn’t like fighting.” Conall remarked at him. “Alpha or not, you hit me, that makes you no better than me. Hell, maybe it makes you as good as me.”

Paris’s shoulders tensed and I held my breath. I wasn’t sure I felt exactly that way, but part of me kind of thought – Conall was right.

I don’t want the fighting all the time thing, like it was with Conall, I mean that’s not a relationship, that’s a fucking rollercoaster.

“I mean, we’re both used to fighting. We’ve both fucked her.”

That was when Paris smashed his fist into Conall’s face and I screamed at them both as the fighting started out and they started, slamming each other roughly around the elevator space. I was trying to jump out of their way and not get knocked over as they exchanged blows.

Of course, we all seemed to forget where we were. So when the elevator started to wobble and jerk, nobody noticed.

There was too much anger being thrown around to pay attention to such a little thing as an elevator giving way in a narrow, high up, elevator shaft.

Still, even if we had been paying enough attention, I doubt any of us would’ve been concerned.

The werewolf physiology is tough, we can get through a lot of injuries and accidents. With only a few things that can definitely kill us. So a plummeting elevator lift wouldn’t raise much more than a gasp or an eyebrow of concern. After all, my name isn’t Doctor and I don’t work on some never ending hospital soap opera on TV.

Still, we probably should have had our shit more together, considering where we were.

The elevator dropped a few feet and stopped. I was trying to pull Conall away from Paris, Conall was concentrating on trying to push or strangle Paris.

I don’t know which, we were all arms and fast movement and anger. So much anger that the boys didn’t realise the elevator was again moving far to fast downwards.

With the force of the fighting and the trajectory speed of the elevator it hit the ground with force that reverberated up through all of us as we flew upwards and each hit the roof and walls and were thrown back down on the now, still ground again.
None of us were out cold. But we were all a little sore as we moved slowly to our feet.

“You alright?” Paris asked me.

“About which part of this?” I muttered before gasping out loud and widening my eyes.

Then I woke up.
Shitful dream.

Happy April Fools Day.



  1. hahahaha, my brain was thinking of all sorts of worse case scenarios then i actually laughed out loud after i read the last part.

    Happy Holidays!

    Comment by Blackredbluefire — April 4, 2010 @ 4:57 am

    • Yay!

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — April 4, 2010 @ 7:08 am

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