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Excelsior | April 5, 2010

New York has a very historical gang history to it.
You can probably find a history like this in most cultures I would think. Where there are those that are rich, there are always those that are disadvantaged too, which often leads to a gang culture.

The formation of gangs normally seems to spring from a sense of underclass, and ghetto or slum like areas of lower economic status. Infrastructure that gets left behind because it’s inhabitants are deemed “to hard to handle” or “not worth the effort”.

Eons ago in the same places that exist now, but of a different time, there was Five Points, which is now today mostly the Financial District and Columbus Park in Manhattan, which was one of the most notorious slum areas and some historical records would have you believe, contained the highest murder rate, at one point, in all of New York.

Of course, gangs come from all over; The Bronx in the 1970’s was a hard place to live in, probably why it developed the saying “nothing soft comes out of the Bronx.” Even today, there are still affected areas that need assistance rather than condemnation for the poor and disaffected in rough neighbourhoods in NYC.

So where do the werewolves fit in to the gang mentality?

After all we live as a pack and some people, ill advised, uneducated, naively stupid people – would argue that a pack is nothing more than a polite name, for a gang.

But I would say that they are wrong.

A werewolf pack is essentially, community based and always at the heart of it’s structure, is a sense of survival for it’s wolves.

Originally, gangs were formations of strength, with it seemed a united goal for bettering circumstances of communities. But through much of the seventies and the eighties, that image seems to be quite lost and the idea of gangs have taken on another reinvention.

Werewolf packs do not initiate people into our pack, we do not haze them and they do not get harmed if they leave the pack.

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually leave a werewolf pack. Because you are born a werewolf it does not mean, you can not live your own life, within a pack or not.

However if you choose to leave a pack, you can expect little assistance or advantages that come from being a pack wolf.

Werewolf packs will live in certain areas, as a group. Whilst we hold ideals for all wolves to be governed and guided by, we think very much as individuals and we do not rule the lives of those within our pack with violence or weaponry. That is not our objective or aim. It is not what we the werewolf want.

If anything, werewolves try not to start the fights – at least with external beings outside of the werewolf world.

Werewolf packs were an idea that formed out of a sense for survival, in a time of need.

The Breukelen in some form or another, originally came from Breukelen, Holland, in the 1600’s. This much we know is true.

The Breukelen, are in a sense, part of one big pack that makes up the now present five werewolf packs of New York City. Best it can be told with too much information missing, and not enough salvageable historical documents, back in the 1600’s the European werewolves, did not live so united together. They lived as smaller families and individuals. Looking only after themselves.

However, there is a behavior that seems quite common to most werewolves, we end up seeking one another out, eventually.

So townships, villages and the like would probably ended up with a greater werewolf population than they may have started out with. Werewolves, seek one another out, slowly, banding together. forming, what we’ve come to know as packs.

So in essence, the Breukelen were a large, powerful pack.

In today’s thinking, by the governing werewolf bodies like the tri-state council and the like, most packs aren’t allowed to grow to big in numbers. Which as it turns out, isn’t much of a problem with low and getting lower birth numbers every year.

Something about it getting unruly and hard to handle. But back in the past, this was how the Breukelen and indeed other packs, it seemed may have started out.

I’ve spoken a few times to one of the Breukelen elders, and been told that The werewolf prosecution trials of the 1600s Europe kicked in, that’s when the paranoia started making it unsafe for werewolves. When the idea of packs, was really thought about and challenged.

Religious furor had kept the wars of the 1600s alive but as it seemed peace was yet to completely come upon the low countries of Europe. A new fear washed the land. Man and beast, werewolves.

The werewolves of Europe were escaping an era that was built for bad things to happen. For fear to rule the people of the land and for unexplained differences, to be thought of as evil, and not tolerated. So they fled and went to ground, scattering across the lands.

Those from Breukelen Holland split up. Safety it seemed in numbers, now just signaled you out like a beacon, to be drawn to and investigated. So they split into smaller groups, to survive, to blend in more to society.

They moved to the land of America and settled in to Brooklyn in 1609.

Eventually the other wolves from the pack would gradually join the new life in America.

As they had left scattered, the arrived the same, some landing in different areas. But those that found each other, banded together again to form a pack. Only now, instead of one large werewolf pack, there were five. It was believed, that this was strategically the best way for werewolf packs to form.

Kind of like giving the werewolf what they wanted – other werewolves, but also being smart about it and not keeping all werewolves, in one place. So all werewolves could not be wiped out in one hit. Survival of the packs.

Survival was ensured and the other werewolf packs, could be called upon if need be for help in fighting enemies. So they formed their packs, the Breukelen, the Brown Wolves, the Braganza, Manhattan Maen and Jersey packs.

All the packs were ruled by different werewolves, all taking a different approach to their survival. And so, it has been since then.

So I think the difference between werewolf packs and gangs are quite different. Gang’s seem to have a certain, negative connotation around them. Packs, whilst essentially looking the same in layout, I guess you could say, are not negative.

We are not selfish and we look at the bigger picture and our place in it. Werewolf packs aim to integrate into society, not be a part from it, or stand out above it.

Not seeking retribution or compensation or anything that is owed to them for a hardship of a life.

Werewolf packs, are formed because of the hardship of life, to get through life, with one another, rather than not.

I’d like to think it’s part of the reasoning behind my pack’s motto – Altijd BreukelenAlways Breukelen.

Strength, unity, history, loyalty, love and resilience are words that come to mind from that motto and are instilled in me as I say it, as I live it and live by it.

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