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The Werewolf Sermon | April 12, 2010

I’d like to think that going to church and listening to sermons is more about life lessons and getting guidance than actually being told the evils of the world. T. Scott burgess is from the Madison Country Courier is going to preach as he tells us, at his church by asking the unlikeliest of questions – what do vampires, zombies, and werewolves have to do with our walk with God?

I say unlikely because, well, you really don’t see a preacher going on about these three categories of beings most Sundays do you?

But hey, if the bible can be believed unequivocally, given the mythos around the stories involved, then surely, too can a belief in other things, like other types of people.

Although, you might want to hold on to reserving your seat at the sermon in question. Since T. Scott Burgess claims “we are all monsters and we all need blood to survive.”

I’m not sure starting your sales pitch for this intriguing sermon to be was such a good idea by calling your faithful flock of church goers, monsters. Unless of course, you’re using the word monster like Lady Ga Ga does. In an endearing, teasing, cheeky way. But I’m not sure that’s really the case here.

He goes on to state “Werewolves, however, are not necessarily bad when they are human. Their problem is that they do not have any control over themselves when the monster comes out.”
Gee how very big of you to say we’re not bad when we’re in human form, just because we’re a little differently made up to the rest of the human population. Wow, considerate really. Although really, you need to broaden your mind beyond the Hollywood hype of werewolves being monsters who have no control when in werewolf form.
You’re talking about the dark ages here when you state this. Werewolves of today, have come along way, Me and my pack the Breukelen, are proof of this.

I think you would be incredibly naive to believe that the werewolf species can not evolve over time to be more than what it might have started out being. Or more than the limited imagination of Hollywood’s portrayl.

If a werewolf has no control over itself when it comes to after shape shifting to tribal form, then there’s usually a reason for that. It’s rarely if ever (now a days) random and based on a “just because” of what we are, assumption. It’s like saying an epileptic has no control over themselves when they have a seizure. Well duh. But there is a reason for the seizure occurring in the first place right? Something sets it off, maybe chemical imbalance.

Well with the werewolf, it’s more likely to be less biological than that and more outside interference like. If something has influenced the werewolf whilst in human form it can be carried over to wolf form. To contain it’s anger and rage, then yeah, when the shape shift is over, you’re going to be greeted with a raging angry wolf most likely. Or if the werewolf again, in human form is traumatized some how, and must endure an agonizing shape shift, that can affect them too. You see, whilst we are one form or the other, human or wolf, we are essentially still, the same being. Our body and brain carries everything like muscle memory and recognition through the shape shift. It just I guess you could say for lack of a better explanation, alters slightly to accommodate whatever form we are in.

Nobody’s really sure how the whole werewolf deal works. Just that it does and there is a balance in being both parts.

“a werewolf has little or no recognition of what is going on when the monster is out. Their circumstances are out of their control, yet they also crave blood.”
Wrong, wrong, wrong. When in werewolf form, we have the recognition of things, as our animal part would. So sure, we crave blood, it’s a predatory animal thing, an instinctual want. Although, an Alpha in werewolf form, I’m told can differentiate between animal thinking and human thinking. But I wouldn’t know first hand, I’m a beta wolf.

The Preacher continues on with “We are all dirty, filthy, creepy, disgusting monsters, but we do not have to stay that way. Instead, we have the ability to be made whole.”
again, I’d say insulting and belittling your intended human audience isn’t the way to draw an audience in. There is good in humans, as there is in werewolves. I guess the non-religious in me says, I don’t believe because you are born, you are automatically slighted to be born in sin. Which seems to be the tone of the above statement, to rectify yourself through God.

Although really, preacher, you really need to wrap your head around that whole monster concept. I know plenty of werewolves who would argue that being a werewolf, whether spending most of their life in a human skin and shape shifting for a week a month to an animal self, is being more whole than most humans could ever imagine.

We address our baser needs, we balance this. We partake in a sense, in evolution every month that I’d like to think broadens our minds to understanding in tolerance and other things, more than most narrow minded, tunnel vision focused, routine controlled, inexperienced, humans.

Being a werewolf is like being the best you can ever be.
And the best thing about being a werewolf?

Perfect hair.



  1. Hahahaha, Perfect hair.. 🙂

    Anyways he sounds like every priest/preacher i’ve ever known. All self-righteous asses, I spent about 16 years in catholic schools including college and they’re all the same to me, when they don’t know ‘why’ they tell you to just believe because it just ‘is’. Religion is just a way to control the masses.

    Also on a more important note…

    PLEASE don’t tell me Zombies are real because i’ve been having intermittent nightmares about it over the years, one just last night. :S

    Comment by Blackredbluefire — April 12, 2010 @ 9:07 pm

    • I think it’d be pretty interesting to rock up to church and find someone talking about werewolves, vampires and zombies. Kind of like the last place you’d expect to hear it i guess. I’d like to find out what the rest of his sermon was going to be like.

      I’m intrigued.

      But having perfect hair is paramount. along with a seriously cool pair of shoes.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — April 12, 2010 @ 9:53 pm

      • wahahahhahaha.. 😛

        Comment by Blackredbluefire — April 13, 2010 @ 9:31 am

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