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The Werewolf superhero | April 19, 2010

You know, we all play roles in life.

Roles that are more often than not, assigned to us. That we are almost entirely railroaded into thinking are what we ourselves are meant to be. By influence and various personalities. They all play their part in shaping us.

I’m a strong believer in being yourself.

But I think for the majority of the population, that’s a very hard thing, to truthfully do.

Add to that being a werewolf and you might get an idea of how complicated my life can be. I mean, it’s like being two faced, in a sense, having to lie some times, as a means of protection. Having to hide who you truly are from those (humans) that are close to you. It’s kind of like, well, you never really get to be you.
Which is sad in a way.

I’ve worked at being me. To figure out who I am, the real me, the whole me and nothing but that me. I strive to balance the werewolf part of my life, which is obviously a big part of it, with me fitting into a very real, and very human world.

Maybe I should be clothed from the superhero store in Brooklyn. To fit a a look that is sought out.
I might be more accepted this way. As a superhero rather than a werewolf. Maybe a werewolf superhero? Do we have one of those yet? I mean seriously, I could give Wonder Woman and Storm a run for their money too if I had a snazzy corseted unitard on.

I am lucky in my family that knowing how much we have to portray to our pack, that I have been allowed to be myself, much more so than my older sister, an Alpha female. Older siblings, they carry so much responsibility just because they come first in the lineage. I am not required to be the warrior that she is. I am not the centre that must hold like my father. I am not the shield that my brother Markus is. How people see you, and you respond to them is like varies shades of your personality.

It’s why you can be one thing to one person and a whole other type of person to someone else. Werewolf’s are not averse to this phenomenon. In fact, we’re more prone to being everything to everyone because of having to at times in our life, undoubtedly, hide what we are. Part and parcel I guess of being misunderstood. Of having a image marketed incorrectly by the likes of hollywood etc.

Still, I could really go for one of those superhero capes and maybe some sort of gadgets like Batman has. Maybe the new lunar watch could be tricked out to you know, make me invisible or something. Hmmm. That has scary potential. An invisible werewolf. “the ultimate assassin!”

Not that I plan on being an assian, la femme nikita unless my name is Bridget Fonda or Modesty Blaise. Definitely Modesty, she rocks. I’ve only read one of those books, but she was so freak’n cool. Although, that wouldn’t really make me a superhero would it?

More like a villan…hmmm, which would mean i should then go on survivor heroes and villans and kick major ass!! Totally use my advantageous abilities over those suckers.

Hmm, quick somebody hand me a sign up sheet!


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