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Brooklyn’s own | April 24, 2010

Okay people you need to give it up for Ashely Graham.

She’s one of Brooklyn’s own and she’s a rather hot stunner.

If this Lane Bryant television commercial that the ABC network have banned is anything to go by.

Clearly ABC need to get their head out of their size zero ass and diversify and loosen up a little.

Move with the times ABC, its a big new world out here and Brooklyn’s got it all going on and really, you should want a piece of that pie. It’s a happening time in Brooklyn if you’ve got the state of mind to experience it.

Now I might understand you would want to ban the ad if say, Ashley suddenly went furry and started howling around the tv screen, busting out of her beautiful underwear. I can see how that might be a bit much for people to take in. And are maybe not that ready for a werewolf lingerie model. But that’s not the case with this ad.(your suddenly making me to want to make a very photographic point in case here…of what you see isn’t everything you think it is. But I refrain. – my camera battery is dead.)

Besides, if there were a werewolf lingerie model, she wouldn’t be just loosing control of herself and suddenly shape shifting without any warning or chance to get her self together. We’re far more in control of ourselves than that. So it’s not like you would see claws and fur and then wolf-girl in tattered lace lingerie.

However, why the sudden uproar over this, well, rather tame ad?

The ad is tastefully cheeky and fun, and the model is stunning and wearing more clothes than most lingerie models do on such ads, without being a overly suggestive slut like said other lingerie models.

Go Ashley, you go girl!


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