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Scavenger Hunt | May 10, 2010

There is no mistaking my intended prey.

I would know that scent anywhere, and when the Lycan turned it’s head, giving me the perfect profile view of it’s face, everything inside me went wild and I wanted to scream and howl.

So you can take that as a confirmation of positive I.D.

But I clamped my mouth down tight. Fist my hands and forced myself to remain, calm.

The lycan tensed slightly and hesitated in step, but then clearly thought nothing further of it, and went along it’s merry little way.

The key to this is to remain calm. Because wolves, and lycans pick up on strong vibes, especially in close vicinity of one another. You can literally sense fear, feel an attack coming etc. It’s the animal side of us, it’s how it works. So if I let my emotions get the better of me than my element of surprise is gone, before I’ve even got close enough to reach out and touch my prey.

In a city filled with people, if the lycan hasn’t picked my trail then, it’s really, all the better for me. I want every advantage I can get. I intend to surprise, like a big bite of hindsight coming back for a haunting.

The problem with modern day hunting, in a city like New York is, you’re never really alone. So I’ve yet to figure out how to get the lycan alone. There’s also the problem of my cell phone, it keeps ringing.

I can ignore certain calls, and turn my phone to silent. But when Paris calls, I have to answer. That man takes persistence to a whole new level of achievement. Luckily or unluckily, depending on how you want to view it, my Prey lead me to a crowded area so I could answer my phone and seem inconspicuous. Just another New Yorker going about their business, in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

“Hey what’s up?” I greeted him with.

“I was wondering what you would like to do for dinner tonight, I can come and get you from..”

I smack my palm on my forehead. Paris knows my timetable. Shit. I’d gotten so absorbed in tracking the lycan through the city. I’d forgotten about pretty much everything else. Like eating and the rest of civilization.

How do I handle this?


This opportunity can not pass. Not now!

My eyes were still focused on the movement of the lycan, walking amongst the unsuspecting humans on the sidewalk.

Don’t you hate it when you know yourself so well that you just know, you will beat yourself up if you let this opportunity pass through your fingers?

For forever.

And yet I know I’m going to hate myself just as much for the words that come out of my mouth.

“Can we do it another time? I’ve got something I’ve got to do tonight.”

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