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Line of sight | May 12, 2010

You know what happens when you hold onto something emotionally for a long time, when you can’t let go?

Life goes on around you, and you become the only one that remembers why you’re holding it so tight.

The feeling of justification that you need becomes a lone thought through tunneled vision, with it being all you can see or what or need.

So when the lycan turned around suddenly abrupt, breaking stride on the sidewalk and swiveled to face me, it shouldn’t have surprised me, that she looked straight through me. Her eyes darting about in the street, sizing up all the pedestrians and foot traffic surrounding her.

She is after all, just a lycan.

At first she didn’t get it, straight away, that I’m the hunter this time. Because, I look unassuming amongst the other bodies around us. Of course, I was the only one who held her gaze, and I was the only one who kept holding it and advancing towards her steadily. I was giving myself away. But by this stage, I didn’t really care. My emotions drive me, and they had gotten the better of me, I’d let my anxiousness seep out and she’d felt it.

Knew there was someone there tracking her.

She looked back at me, tilted her chin up slightly, her head to the side and looked down her nose at me. Like I was something of insignificance to her. The same thing, I’d been when I was fourteen and trying to deal with my first shape shift and a pack of hunters, who turned out to be angry lycans, out for some pay back on the breed that made them what they had become, against their will. Didn’t matter that I wasn’t responsible for their turning. Didn’t matter that I didn’t know them, had never met them before in my life.

All that ever mattered was that I was a werewolf.
And I’d made the mistake of being in their line of sight, in their world.

She lifted her nose slightly and sniffed. I watched her eyes widen, ever so slightly as the recognition of werewolf scent registered with her.

The bitch actually smiled at me.
Can you believe that?

But still she remained calm, in control. I could barely hear her heart beating.

I guess she wondered if I might actually just walk past her, just be some werewolf aware of her presence there on the street, but nothing more. Well, if she guessed that she guessed wrong.
She stared me down as I got closer to her and her smile got wider, as her heart beat picked up a bit more.

Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump.

I think she’d figured out by then that I was coming, but she doesn’t know me.

It’s apparent on her face that I’m an interesting surprise development in her day.
But she doesn’t know what this is about.

She doesn’t remember.

And I can’t forget.


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