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How would the Alpha find a lone wolf? | May 14, 2010

A question I was asked on formspringme was:

Q) How would the Alpha find a lone wolf?

Depends by what you mean.

After all, if you’re talking about lone wolves in the sense that they are just without pack because they left it and then they wanted back in the pack for the feeling of family, security, safety etc – an Alpha wouldn’t go looking for this type of wolf.

This kind of werewolf behaviour would most likely be construed as weakness or stupidity. Possibly both. Neither is a obviously good element to introduce to a pack structure.

Also this kind of ‘task’ would most likely be considered mundane and beneath the level of an Alpha to do. It’d be passed off onto a beta wolf or a second in command, not the leader of the pack.

However if you mean an Alpha needed to go looking for a lone wolf for a more meaningful purpose, like rescuing another packmate or stopping a lone wolf from escaping with something detrimental to the pack, then yes, an Alpha Wolf would go after a lone wolf for this type of behaviour or ‘task’.

Alpha werewolves are quite superior in their skills and attributes. They are extremely excellent trackers, who can track human and most animals for days without losing scent or the trail. There are some that are quite legendary at it. But as with most things, it’s a honed skill based on a an extremely talented natural ability. The more you practice the better you’re likely to be.

Depending on the Alpha werewolf, they could be rather stubborn and headstrong and take on this task alone. But they might take a small scouting party of wolves with them too for the job. Wether they’d do this is human form or animal form I can’t say for sure. Because I think it would depend on the leading Alpha’s personality and way of thinking.

But the basic answer would be – we track, through scent.


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