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The human element | May 15, 2010

Another formspringme set of questions:

Q) What happens to human’s who are posing as werewolves? Calling themselves an Alpha and all that? Are they left Alone as long as they pose no threat? What if they do?

First of all, I’m not sure how a human could pose as a werewolf. I mean if all they did was go around saying ” I’m the great and powerful Werewolf of New York, you will bow down to me blah blah blah..” I think they’d find out soon enough that most people, whether human, werewolf or supernatural in anyway, just don’t tolerate that kind of bullshit behaviour. Especially in New York!
Hello! have you met us NU Yawkers?!! We’re cool and all, but dude, cross a Bronx person….well, nothing soft comes out of the Bronx.

So I would think that just saying you’re a werewolf and hoping to intimidate people or get by on your word of mouth reputation alone, would get blown open and found out pretty damn quickly.

I mean naive, the werewolf is not. We’ve been having to work on survival and how to balance the human element of life with the wolf element, for a very long time. We are a lineage after all.

But if a human were going around pretending or posing, as you put it, somehow as an Alpha werewolf I think they would’ve just about signed up to be beaten to death.

Most Alpha wolves would considered a grave insult. A slight against them and werewolves in general and a tarnishing on their reputation and pack. Alpha’s do not like to be considered weak, or easy or dumb. Part of the whole, they’re more “superior” in genetic make up than us, that comes through as well in their behaviour patterns.

I’m not sure I can truthfully tell you what would happen to the human going around posing as a werewolf. Again, it would depend on the leading Alpha in question who would of course get to have the final say and ruling on what should be done if it at all.

Some Alpha’s are very old school in their way of thinking. Very traditional without much flexibility on anything. They’d take the highest form of punishment available for a slight like this. Then again, other’s from different packs, I’d like to think NYC’s would probably let it slide. Maybe spook the human into behaving or something without having to do all that much.

It’s kind of like you said, it would depend on whether they were a threat of some kind to a pack or wolf or whether they were just a crazy human and how much pride and sensibility was involved on the Alpha werewolf’s part.

I guess you could say it’s kind of a way to define who’s a really good pack leader and not, when they don’t sweat the small stuff and know just what to do with the big problems in life.


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