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The Archetype | June 12, 2010

I read somewhere by either a werewolf psychologist or an author, I can’t remember which, that werewolves represent non’s (humans if you will) anger, and fear of insanity.

Then I read a dream interpreter of a werewolf – presumably to non’s again, that werewolves represent repressed anger and uncontrollable violence and a fear for lack of control in your personal life.

It’s annoying that non’s seem to have taken on the idea of notion of werewolves as a stereotype, or worse, an archetype of being. That is to say, that non’s and non’s alike, seem to think very one dimensionally about what a werewolf is and could be.

Again, the idea of the rage and lack of control ride high next to the concept that we’re monsters. The reality is, these descriptions are based more on lycans with their anger management issues, not werewolves (yes there is a difference, read through my blog and see) and the monster werewolf, is really stuff of legend.

Maybe once, upon a long time ago, werewolves knew no better, didn’t understand what was happening to them. There might have been a time far back in the past that this applied to. But that time has passed. Werewolves have evolved and changed. And yet the perceptions remain the same.

I can tell you right now, being a werewolf (literally) that it’s not my anger, rage, fear of insanity (as if I am insane!) that rules me or even makes me, me.

Being a werewolf is about something, that makes much more sense, and rules your life and being. That many non’s seem to take for granted or assume they know and know well. At least, for themselves.

Being a werewolf is about identity.

How can it not be? Think about the how we all grow and go for life. About how who we are, changes, in particular at certain stages in our life – childhood, puberty, adulthood. Now think about that and add on this other part to your being, to your life, that you can only fully understand physically. Because the rest of it, is based on instinct and animal curiosities and way of thinking, that regular non’s don’t have to use. Don’t have to deal with, and never, open their minds to.

Is it like being two different people? Or like having an evil twin? Is it like the best of both worlds, or a confusion of the two?

It’s many things to many wolves, and to narrow us down to some crude concept of mass appeal to reach out to a global audience, is not oral history being repeated for the sake of anything good. It’s ignorance, plain and simple.

You don’t know us, you don’t get us, so you do what non’s do. You fear us and you believe in your irrationality of what we are because you maybe once saw it in a movie.

Well I’d like to say to that psychologist and the dream interpretation, you don’t know me, so you can’t define me. And you haven’t lived my life, being as I am, a werewolf, so you’ll never have a clue about what it means to be a werewolf.
You’ll only ever think you know.

But I know, and I know me.


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