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You have the personality of a werewolf | June 28, 2010

I did a personality test in the LA times the other day and the end result was something along the lines of:

I’m a confident explorer of the world. I’m energetic and curious, with a love of life and an infectious enthusiasm for new adventures. Whilst being a romantic at heart with a voracious appetite for fun.

Yep, that certainly sounds like me.

Which shouldn’t come to such a surprise I guess, since the LA times then goes on to state the damn obvious with “Psychologists who study the infinite variety of humans’ personalities and temperaments often find themselves drawn to biological explanations of the personality traits that make us who we are.”

But they forgot a few details, like has energy because Werewolves are built for stamina and endurance. Our enthusiasm for adventures, is part of being who we are. The human part is happy to settle and stay still and be in one place and be a collective part of society. Depending on the werewolf in question, you’ll probably find the werewolf wants out, a lot, to roam, to be free, to explore and see and scent the world it’s almost always constantly denied access into. The werewolf within wants it’s chance at life outside and all that it brings.

Romantic at heart because, well, I’m a girl who likes to be romanced. I can honestly say my track record in the romance field of life, is fairly shabby. When I’m not being naive, I’m usually making some mistake I told myself I wouldn’t make in relation to picking the right guy for me. I’ve fallen into bad relationship territory before and I seem to emanate towards the wrong boy type. Whether their werewolves or humans. Although my track record for dating humans, is appallingly unsuccessful. The words, “Ultimate Fail” come to mind.

I mean, do you have any idea what’s involved in dating a human guy when you’re anything but human?

Well, you know, half human as it were. Werewolves, humans and romance, a whacked out mix I’ve never been able to get to work. It’s why I’ve stuck to the werewolf males. I can read them a lot better than I can human males. I think werewolf males are less complicated to understand. Because I’ve been around werewolves my whole life, I understand the culture, the ways, the expectations. I know the rules, the history and what’s involved in being one. I’m more prone to thinking like a werewolf than I am a human. Most of the time. Thinking as a human, man that shit is hard.

So I guess that puts me onside with the werewolf males of New York. It’s why I’m dating an Alpha werewolf at the moment. That and he’s completely hot and the sex is incredible.

And fun, what werewolf doesn’t like using that word?

Of course, our version of ‘fun’ compared to the average person’s version of fun, is probably, vastly different. Being a werewolf means we know we can do things, humans can’t. So we use these attributes to our favor, fortune and entertainment fun. Kind of like testing the limits. It’s why werewolves like to fight, why they’re more like adrenaline junkies and more likely to try whatever you dare them to do, guaranteed, at least once.

We push our bodies to limits, because we can take on more than most humans. You might think it’s curiosity but it’s more to do with just doing things because we can. Because werewolves don’t understand limits naturally. We don’t stop to think about them, until we have reason to.

If we ever have reason to.


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