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The 4th of whatever | July 4, 2010

Wonder Woman is getting rebooted. Twilight has become a “saga” and there is a new hot dog eating champion and some guy blew off his hands with fireworks.

Yeah the world I come from isn’t weird at all, when you look at all these headings.

Makes me glad I’m a werewolf on this fourth of July. It’s odd to think that my strange little world of fur, paws, fights and various issues is more sensible than the one I frequent daily amongst all the nons.

Of course, not everything is hunky dory normal. Well, I guess it depends on your version of what is normal anyway. I have a more open mind than most, since I kind of need to balance between two worlds. Human and werewolf alike – it’s a bit like being Taylor Lautner and occasionally having to wear a shirt in Twilight, so you don’t steal the entire show. Werewolves are after all, natural show stoppers.

Let’s see, first of all there’s the fact that Paris, Addison and I found an interesting little secret in the Appalachians. Turns out, it might have become some neutral territory of sorts, for lycans and shape shifters. We literally stumbled across the scent of a lycan there, an unknown lycan and went searching.

Werewolves do not like lycans being in their territory, it’s rarely ever good. But most of the time, lycans go out of their way, to stay out of our way, when in our territory. They’re sneaky and some would say, stealthy too. I prefer to use the term under-handed and manipulative. They usually don’t stay long in pack areas. Because it’s not healthy or wise for them.

I guess they’re like the street smarts of the supernatural animal world. They make do with whatever they must do, to get to whatever they want to.

And nobody ever stopped to think about it before, or pay the idea much attention, but the Appalachians the perfect area for lycans, shape shifters and whatever else goes bump in the night, to hide out. Sparse and unassuming, natural mountain range close to a major city. There’s enough space there for all of us to hide and hang out in, if required, without directly getting in to any Alpha or pack’s way.

Which is why, for now, Paris has decided to just monitor the situation. There’s not point to getting hot headed and attacking something without knowing fully well what you’re really getting yourself into.

I think it’s an interesting development, because I never really thought lycans all that smart. But then I guess I underestimated them. And because werewolves, are so involved in being werewolves and being werewolves in front of other werewolves, It’s easy to see how we lost sight of all the other things, that fringe on our werewolf world. Like lycans and shape shifters. Of course, it could be considered hard to keep a track or abreast of these beings, when they kindly, too kindly, if you ask me, keep to the shadows. So they can’t be monitored or learned up on by our kind.

Part of me thinks, that’s kind of smart. The other part of me is weary, the werewolf part. Thinks it means, that the lycans, the shifters, and others, are up to something.

A bit like Gabby really. Alpha bitch from the Manhattan Maen pack. I do not know what her agenda is and it’s beginning to shit me. I mean, other than she likes to play games with me by insulting me, flirting with my packmate and being an all round bitch whenever I’m around. She’s always and I do mean, always, being overtly sexual, playful, flirtatious with Paris.

Even when she’s hanging off his brother, Wiatt’s arm! What’s with that?

I keep wondering if she’s looking for a head to head confrontation with me. Because you know what? Compared to her sly manners, I think I’d like the chance to show her that a beta wolf like me can do a lot more than she thinks I can. After all, I attracted her pack’s Alpha, and she didn’t. If she keeps going on the way she is, with me, something will give and I can’t deny my claws won’t be sharpened and ready.

See a regular bitch fight over a guy. Far more normal than today’s headlines. Who’d have thought it?
Okay our bitch fight will literally include claws, and hair pulling will be more like fur shredding, but it’s pretty much the same thing.

Then there’s the regular annoyance that is Conall in my life. After our little pack intervention into the vargr situation, he seems to think this now means, I need him, and that we’re friends and on speaking terms or something.

He keeps texting me to tell me stuff, like, that there’s a fourth of july party on at so and so house in Red Hook. Or that he and his friends are going out for drinks at wherever. Like do I want to join them? Persistance was never a Conall trait before we broke up. And the way he words the messages, makes me think I’m the one being forgiven!! But I don’t see that I did anything wrong in the first place, to be forgiven for!

See just a regular girl, getting her head around, the male species.

The spurned, angry, werewolf species, but still…almost the same thing, right?

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