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Oh, you Animal!

July 9, 2010

Nons are always amazed when animals do something that’s not predictable by their assumptions.

Like Paul the “psychic” octopus, in Germany, who’s been accurately predicting winners from the 2010 Fifa World Cup matches.

I always find it fascinating too.

That humans are so naive as to think, because they’re the ones in the houses, and buildings who talk and seem to think they’re the top of the food chain, that animal behavior is only ever meant to be, what exactly? Tame? Trained? Domesticated?

But hey, I’m a little more open to the unusual by human standards and all, being a werewolf tends to do that for you. You grow up knowing things aren’t like everybody else seems to think they are.  You’re more aware.  It’s a kind of one up man ship on the rest of the human population really.  A strength of sorts, to know yourself and know  that you have the knowledge to know there are things in this world, that are just, different and that’s okay.

To be more humanly, if that’s the right word to describe it, developed than your fellow humans.  Of course, you might be thinking, Oh you animals, you think you know it all. Well no, just um…more?  I tend to think, animals don’t limit their thinking as much as humans.

I don’t know Paul the Octopus and I’ve unfortunately never been to Germany where he lives in the Oberhausen Zoo’s aquarium. I’m more of a land dwelling creature than sea faring one.    But he’s not the first animal, be it a zoo animal or house hold pet, to do something that humans think of as amazing, or out of the normal range of animal behavior.

There’s Otto the Octopus, also from Germany.  He could be considered an electrician, for all his short circuiting electrical skills.

Of course, if humans just thought outside their realm, expanded their minds a little more, they’d probably find a whole lot of things different in the world around them.  And amazing at that too. But most people, like routine, comfort, the things they can see and know.  The things that make sense to them, don’t challenge their behaviors, or offend their beliefs.  I kind of think it means, they don’t really expect all that much out of life.  Or  that they like to be ruled.

You know, be given the guidelines to get through life, and the idea that they’re free to do whatever they want to live their life according to those guidelines, in a sense, to think they’re free.  But really, they’re just living up to a predicted expectation of behavior set before them, by the higher, ruling bodies in their life, whether they be government, politicians, friends or marketing trends.

I think on the other hand, animals are smarter than this. But being half animal will make you biased like that.

Some animals are more sensitive than others to things. You could kind of call them empaths.  Like when a dog knows it’s owner is sad.  Like when a cat knows, you’re going to go away on holidays.  You give off vibes and the animals, pick up the changes in mood.  Animals also tend to adapt quickly, they can mimic human behavior and adjust to our environments, that impact and change on theirs, all the time without second thought.

Of course, the whole Paul The World Cup Octopus thing is rather amazing and shouldn’t be taken away or belittled from Paul at all. I have no answer for how it does what he does, just that he does.  And that’s unbelievably cool.

I’m not a psychic  werewolf,  but I am one who’s going for the Netherlands in the World Cup Final!

So come on Paul, tell it to me like it is.

Tell me the Netherlands are going to win.

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