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July 16, 2010
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When I announced I was going to go to the movies and see the new Predators movie, I was met by a lot of happy noise over the family dinner table.  Everyone wanted to see the movie.

Is it any wonder really?

Family of werewolves, want to see a movie called, Predators.

To get into the mood for the new movie, it was suggested that we should all re-watch the other Predator movies in this film franchise.  So Markus and I held a movie marathon.

Have you ever sat through an animal movie with a werewolf?

You really should, it’s fun. We all go crazy at certain points in the film.  Get very vocal, growling, howling and whooping it up.

For those who live under a rock and have no idea what I’m talking about, Predator was the original movie, that stared Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Guatemala jungle with a special forces team, sent on a rescue mission.  They came across a Predator (Alien) and were hunted by the Predator.

Is it any wonder in the Predator movie, that we werewolves, identify greatly with this first movie.  It’s not so far from a pack movie, there are elements we all saw and recognized easily in it.

There’s a lot of Alpha male bullshit from the humans.  Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Dylan (Carl Jackson) grasp bulging arms when they first meet and attempt to hand wrestle for top dog dominance.  It’s about showing each other they’ve still got it (skills, ego, strength, dicks, whatever) and that one of them, is definitely the top dog and leader over the other.  In this case, it would be Dutch, the hero of the piece, the one who gives the group/ pack of soldiers their orders.

Then there are the soldiers of the movie, not that much unlike us solider wolves in a pack. You just have to watch the scene where you get to see each of the personalities in the Chopper.  It’s the solider with the glasses – Hawkins, who shows you how unsuspecting and deceiving looks can be.  He looks skinny, wears glasses and is the most unlikely of the group to look the part of well oiled, war experienced solider.  The rest are boisterous, full of attitude and have huge muscles.  But it’s Hawkins, the quiet one, who catches whatever is being thrown at him in the chopper, without even looking up or flinching. Showing his super skills and hinting at there’s a reason, he’s with the macho males, earning him a knowing smile from his fellow solider, Poncho.

Werewolves are much the same as this.

You’d never know what we are to look at us in human form. We look normal enough.  But it’s when a petite woman can pretty much lift up the back of a car off the ground or outrun the likes of an Olympic athlete, that you’d probably start thinking differently.  But like the soldiers in this movie, we’re taught to blend in, to camouflage ourselves in society. To survive.

In this first movie Predator, we see a lot of instinct – Billy the tracker – also a werewolf trait – tracking, not only figures out their situation involves more than gorilla warfare soldiers.  But he senses the presence of the Predator and starts to look for it before the others really become aware of what’s going on or what they are up against.

Werewolves use instinct a lot. Especially when in tribal form.  It’s kind of like, the epicenter for how animals think.  They don’t necessarily  just react without reasoning. There’s thought, and there’s instinct ingrained into us. In how to react to other wolves, and how to fight.  As much as there  is knowledge of the culture we live in.  Pack wolves are formidable.

The first movie also takes you the viewer through what the Predator sees.  How it sees, how it hears and how it thinks.  This part of the movie, shows you that Animals (or aliens as the case may be) have intelligence beyond general assumption and thought.  Because beings do not look like humans, does not mean, they do not essentially function or behave in a similar fashion.

The Predator bleeds.  Humans bleed.  The Predator walks upright on two feet. Humans walk upright on two feet.  The Predator uses weapons, the humans use and construct weapons.  The Predator hunts, like any human hunter would hunt. Spying on it’s prey, watching and waiting for it’s prey, until it’s challenged. The Predator, like werewolves, uses it’s environment, in camouflage, higher ground when taking to the trees.

The Predator recognizes the dominant male in Dutch, when Dutch decides to stop running and take it on, one on one.  It is this attitude from the hero, Dutch, that is much like werewolves, when  in human form. We’d rather fight than run, any day of the week.  We believe in attack, rather than defend.  We understand the showmanship of dominance, the importance of displaying strength, whether in numbers of solo.

There is a mentality behind it.

Much like that, hidden ,behind the eyes of a werewolf.


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