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Hiding in plain sight | July 20, 2010

Why can’t the werewolves one day reveal themselves to the people (Humans)?

So far, human history has suggested to the werewolf that not being completely out in the open is the safest form of survival for werewolves.  Past history has shown us that if you get a fanatical personality involved they can whip up a mob mentality that doesn’t seem to think straight or see reason.  Or want to, when dealing with something they don’t fully understand. 

There are instances (like every now and then) when you’ll find a werewolf comes clean and tells a human about themself.  Some of us get to a point where you find you have to, like if your trying to be in a relationship (human and werewolf) with one.  But it’s not encouraged, because not only are you asking the human to comprehend something that they’d probably never thought possible, and thus upsetting their thought process of what is what and can be.  But you’re also asking them to accept werewolves as they are and then to keep that a secret too.

Then there’s rammifications.  If you do reveal werewolves amongst humans, you risk the reaction turning out badly and endangering not only yourself, but others, like your pack and other packs.  You get the whole, ripple in the pond effect.

Won’t one day people just get use to it and you guys won’t have to hide?

I’d like to think so.

But humans are a delicate bunch.  They often fear what they don’t know.  And they fear as a first reaction too.  Not everyone embraces change, or difference.   When humans can get to the stage of more temperament for more than one religious train of thought, all human rights, equal pay, sexuality being being more than one ideal, maybe then it’ll happen.


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