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Werewolves Vs Predators | July 21, 2010

*if you haven’t seen the recent movie Predators, then this a potential spoiler alert for the movie. Don’t read, if you don’t want to know stuff before you’ve seen the movie.*

Predators 3 is basically a mixture and natural conclusion of what would come next, in the Predator film franchise, when involving predators and humans.

The basic storyline for predator 3 is a group of what we think are unsuspecting /unassuming humans at first, are dropped quite literally out of the sky and into a foreign jungle. If they wake up mid free fall, and manage to get their parachute open, they consider themselves lucky to be alive. That is, until they find out the foreign jungle is actually another planet, which is home to the Predators. And that the Predators are hunting the humans.

The werewolves I was with, watching this movie, weren’t cheering the humans on.

They were cheering the predators.

We got a bit noisy.

Pretty lucky we didn’t get chucked out.

We were cheering the Predators on, not because they were hunting humans, but because they were so damn fierce looking and because we wanted to see the predators in battle. Werewolves love to fight and I guess you could say, whilst we city werewolves don’t hunt these days, as there is no need, we are still attracted to the scene of a battle. Especially an epic one between foes. It’s like some basic part of us, that is always just under the surface of our skin.

We like the idea of besting ourselves. Of proving the animal side of us, is there, I supposed, for a reason. And because we don’t tend to hunt like wild wolves do. I guess it’s that same part of us that finds watching a superior being like the predator, hunting, well, quite fascinating really. Especially considering the predators, seem like a hybrid of animal and being, much like a werewolf.

They have the ability to use weaponry – some seriously kick ass weaponry, rather than just relay on animal or self made abilities. Something that perhaps appealed to us all sitting there watching the movie. I mean, in a street fight, in human form, I might not think to automatically arm myself with weaponry initially, but that’s because I wasn’t brought up that way. Being a werewolf has it’s advantages, and we’re taught to use those advantages and to build on our werewolf given skills first. But if it came down to win / lose situation and I had to, I wouldn’t be so proud as to not use whatever weaponry was at my disposal.

Especially if it meant continuing the fight in hand to hand combat.

However, when we shape shift to our wolf form, obviously paws don’t work like hands do. Opposable thumbs. Useful things that they are.

That’s the other exciting part of this film as with the other two. It’s the build up of the stalking and potential dangers of humans v predators. But ultimately, battle for superiority and general survival, comes down to hand to hand combat. You have to get close to the beast to try and kill it.  And most werewolves would probably tell you they subscribe to the theory, you don’t really know what you’re fighting until you’ve got your hands on it.

“повторно один безобразный ублюдок”

English translation “You’re one ugly motherfucker.” – Nickolai, Predators

None of this, sniper shit from 1000 miles away crap. No, to end the game, you have to be in the thick of the fight. And what’s fiercer than a test of who’s the best, weapons, or hands in a close contact fight? Sorry, I’m getting excited even now, as I write this out.

For me, and I think I speak for the various others of my motley movie crew, when I say, there was not enough screen time for the Predators. Too much, wah wah wah, kill me a human going on. Although if I have to sit through a movie, watching Adrien Brody be action man, again, I’ve decided I’m okay with that.

As long as the shirt come off.

Also in Predators 3, we see something not seen before. We are given a glimpse at the types of predators available. There are some sort of what I’d call second cousins removed – hell hounds, there are the regular warrior type of predators we’ve seen in the past two movies, and there is an even bigger, possibly older, version of the warrior predator. It came across to us werewolves as a hierarchy of sorts. Based on age and skilled abilities. The smaller predators we, assumed were youthful warriors, that had to prove themselves, go through a ritual of manhood, if you will, to the older predators. Who in return, hunt those weaker, unworthy or unskilled, younger warrior predators as well as the humans.

Guess it makes me appreciate that I have a good pack and we don’t do that kind of crap to one another.  Also makes me wonder what us werewolves would be like in a different time, and a different place.

In other words, I totally loved this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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