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Half truths will not get you anywhere safe

July 30, 2010
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“So, um…about that wolf I hit the other night.”

Paris smiled slowly at me.


I blinked quickly and looked over at Paris. “I feel bad, about what I did. I mean. I kind of panicked back there and well, you know how panic excites wolves and the blood and me looking mangled and…”

Paris kissed my temple.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I frowned back at him.  “How can I not worry about what I did to him? I hit him until his face was a bloody mess.  He was just going out for the night, lunar week fun and some psycho female wolf goes all kinds of crazy on him. Messes up his face and his night, infront of his fellow…”

Paris held up a hand.  “I’ve already spoken to Bohm. He’s fine by the way. Shape shifted and is fine.  But he’s good.  He understood the situation and what it called for.”

Briefly I let the music of the club fill a gap of silence between us. Only because my mouth was gaping open and I looked at Paris like he was talking another language to me. So nonchalant and okay with what I’d done.  Playing pack wolf politics, has never been a strong point of mine because, well, I’ve never had to understand that side of things. I’m a beta wolf, I do as I’m told and that’s about it.

“He took the fall?”

“Completely. Like a good pack wolf should, when they know their job.  Bohm figured it out quickly enough.  By the way, he says, you leave yourself open a little when you do you’re left cross.”

I understand the fighting, the meaning behind it, the reasoning of it, and why it happens. But I’m still not sure, I’ll ever really like it. The violence that remains with me, after it.  I don’t know.  Maybe the other night was just different.  Because, I’ve never done that before, never had to do that before.  Make a stand amongst wolves for fear of being torn apart in chunky meaty bits.  Which don’t get me wrong, is totally possible to happen.  Hell I’ve felt the threat from within my own pack before, not quite to that degree, but similar.

Slightest slip of control, too much temptation with the blood.  If their Alpha, his hierarchy hadn’t been on hand to ensure, the pack towed the line. It might have been a different story.

“I owe Bohm a favour, that’s all it comes down to.”

I picked up my champagne and downed a quick mouthful.

“Great, so I’ve done what exactly, put you in debit to a lesser wolf?  That can’t look good for an Alpha of your standing.”

Paris shrugged his shoulders. He looked out over our surroundings, watching the wolves and the humans mingle together.

“Doesn’t matter, just means, if I can, I help Bohm in some way when the time arises, I should. That’s all.  Nothing solid, more like a privileged courtesy. That’s all.”

“He’s a beta wolf!” I said, my voice raising significantly at his calmness.

Ranking in a wolf pack, is highly regarded and adhered to. It’s kind of the whole point to pack structure, other than the purpose of survival.  There are certain traits, and behaviours that make a Alpha, a leading pack Alpha and not just a fighter.  Paris had always been trained up to take over the leadership of his Pack from their old leader.  It’d been a planned and unchallenged succession.  His leadership of the Manhattan Maen, worked.  It worked very well from what I’d seen of it.  But that didn’t excuse him from bestowing his favours to just any wolf in the pack.  Let alone one that had come to his girlfriend’s rescue (in a sense).

My fighting, was causing all kinds of potential looming trouble. And not much of it, it seemed, was for me. Rather, the ramifications of any fall out for my fighting with Gabby, would be impacting on Paris.

“I uh, I want to apologise to him.”

“It’s not necessary, Bohm’s good.”  I looked at Paris and wondered how to say what I was feeling, what I knew was going on behind the scenes with Gabby. That Addison was keeping away from him.  If Addison hadn’t told him about Gabby’s game playing, then it really wasn’t my place to either, I’d just create more trouble. And I didn’t want that.  But I couldn’t let Paris go on thinking, everything would be okay and good with his leadership if my fighting, either Gabby or Bohm, was the beginning of his undoing, in his own pack.

I so didn’t want to be responsible for that.

Like ever.

“I know it’s not necessary to Bohm because he was, is, being a good pack soldier.  But I think appearances in pack, are necessary.  As much as my display of standing up to Gabby was necessary.  I’d hate for any of these wolves to think, I was your weakness and that made you fair game for leadership challenges.”

Paris turned his head to look at me slowly. His eyes narrowed slightly.

“Who said that to you?”

I felt my eyes widen. No use trying to hide the truth from this wolf.  Half truths will not get you anywhere safe.

“I’m just saying.  I don’t want to cause unrest with your pack.  I’m a guest amongst these wolves. I have no rights here in Manhattan.  I’m a Breukelen wolf.”

Paris leaned in, closer to me. His voice was low and serious.

“You’re more than a guest here, more than that to me. Don’t let anyone, not even Gabby let you think otherwise.”

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