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Perspective & Patience | August 15, 2010

There was a recent survey done on New Yorkers that found out the things that annoy them the most.  Among them were stupid things, that probably annoy most people I would think, like people parking their cars over two spaces, subway hogs – people who stand in the doorways of trains etc.  Fairly normal stuff, and yet the list made us seem like we couldn’t appreciate anything.  Even tourists got a roast, even though they bring in money to our cities.  Go figure. Whatever. It’s New York man, it is what it is and New Yorkers are rather proud of that and themselves.  No need to change. 

This got me thinking about the things in my life that annoy me.  So here, to give you some perspective on things that are possibly worth, being annoyed about, is my list of 3 things.

*Werewolf pack politics – It’s not just the New York packs, The Manhattan Maen where Paris is from or the Breukelen where I’m from. I mean ALL werewolf pack politics. I don’t really know enough about it, but the more I get glimpses into, and end up being involved in, the more I hate it.  It’s really all about petty grievances and who has control and expectations placed upon you, just because you’re a werewolf. It sucks.

*My Birthday – Yes, my birthday is coming up soon and what’s so bad about that? Well you see in the past, I used to do a joint birthday party, with my ex boyfriend Conall.  His birthday is like two days after mine.  We used to have these massive pack parties in our honour.  Kind of made us feel like kings, being so exuberantly celebrated, by our fellow werewolves.  But this year will be my first birthday in about five years that I won’t have done with Conall. I’m not upset over that.  But it does remind me of how vast a gap exists now between me, and a lot of my pack, because I dumped Conall and started dating a Manhattan Alpha Werewolf.  Kind of like Pack Politics come into play – see point number one, above. Werewolves, sometimes I think they’re so fucking immature.

*Ex Boyfriend – Conall Wakely. Ex Boyfriend. Former packmate.  Now all around regular reminder of pain. Not literally but…messy break up, anger management issues, moving on issues, hatred towards me on sight when he sees me with Paris, new boyfriend…do I need to keep painting this picture? 

Anyway, I’ve moved on from our break up.  I’m involved with another werewolf, Paris, from the Manhattan Maen pack.  And yet, as fate would have it, there are times in my life, when Conall Wakely, keeps popping up into.  And the odd time or two, that I actually need him too.  Sigh.  Like when taking care of pack business – because we’re from the same pack.  When these little moments happen, they ignite a resilient flare of hope in Conall, that he and I will somehow suddenly get back together again.  Even though I keep making it clear, that is not going to happen.  I mention this now on my list of petty annoyances because, well, see point two about my birthday, Conall’s is coming up two days after mine and he’s started sending me text messages about our birthdays. First he was hinting at stuff, now he’s started to make suggestions.

This is a problem, a big one. I would have thought that after ten months of being apart, and me being with someone else, that Conall would take a clue and get on with his life, without me. But this isn’t the case.  I know this from the text message he sent me the other night.  It’s a hard play he’s going for. It means, this werewolf is in for a long haul, at trying to keep himself connected to me.

The message:

“Above all else, there is us.”

He used to say that to me with meaning. I used to think, at times when we were going through rocky patches, it had meaning.  But I was naive and wrong.  But in Conall’s werewolf mind, it’s a war cry of sorts.  Something has made him decided to continue on with trying to be with me.  Me being with an Alpha werewolf, isn’t something that would make him back down and leave me alone.  As most beta wolves would.  No, for Conall, that’s a red flag to actually challenge an Alpha and get me.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I keep thinking he thinks if he somehow proves himself better than Paris – an Alpha werewolf, that he’ll be worthy and I’ll go to him. But that just ain’t going to happen.  Besides, if he out rightly attacks Paris, for no legitimate reason, it’s like a declaration of death.  

Suicide by werewolf, if you will.

So you see, people, there are things worth being annoyed about, other than someone blocking the doorway on a subway train.  Or a tourist walking slowly in front of you.  It’s all about perspective and patience and being able to place yourself, where you want to be in relation to these annoyances.  Knowing how to handle them, see through them or ignore them all together. 

Haven’t quite decided on which tactic I’m going to take with mine, yet. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


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