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Bite first, chew later. | August 17, 2010

Way to bring my kind into disrepute Dave.

A  UK big brother contestant or housemate or whatever you call them (I usually go with stupid) has brought up the subjects of werewolves whilst talking to his fellow housemates (stupidos) about the  “supernatural world”.  I’m sure it had to happen eventually, after all,  you’re bound to run out of topics to talk to people you dislike about, when you’re basically imprisoned in a house with them. 

First of all; to The Sun Newspaper that reported this, I’d like to say: Our world is only supernatural to you because your not really so to speak, a part of it.  It’s only supernatural to you because you don’t either A) believe in it or B) are not open to thinking beyond your conditioned ideals of what your world contains. Okay, rant over.

Apparently Dave has seen  “A guy who’s face morphed into a werewolf.”  Which would makes me think if that’s all he saw, then it was a partial shape shift.  And the only werewolves who can do that are Alpha werewolves.  You know, they’re like the rock stars of the pack.  So my next line of questioning would be, why would an Alpha werewolf, the leaders, the warriors, the hardcore werewolves that they are, ever reveal themself to a human like Dave?  Well, I can’t answer for sure, because werewolf scenes do tend to differ regionally and in countries.  That’s why there’s so many varied stories and rumours and myths about us. We’re all different people, all of us.  But then again, there might be some sort of circumstance that warranted the demonstration of a partial shape shift.  Maybe.

Or it could just be Dave is a nut job. Could be. 

Of course, when Dave mentioned the existence of werewolves, and what he’d seen, he was of course met with scepticism and challenged by his fellow housemates to prove it. A fairly typical reaction from nons, let me tell you. It’s either fear and loathing or mistrust and need for proof.

To those stupido’s, I’d like to say:  Uh, he can’t because you’re all locked up in a compound. No outside interference, remember? It’s a TV show petting zoo your in. Dave responded with a sensible answer about how werewolves prefer privacy and not media attention.

Sure makes living amongst you all easier.  I think if werewolves in the current modern world, “came out” we’d be rounded up and treated like a freak show lab experiment.  We’d be hated for what we are, we’d be blamed for everything and anything, because we’re different to nons.

Also, why is that because someone believes one thing, that suddenly defies belief by another it must be proven to be right. To exist?  I think in this case, it’s probably because the housemates don’t like Dave by the sounds of things. Because he started mentioning the “spirit realm” also.  Now if he’s mentioning the spirt realm in relation to werewolves, then he’s talking about something entirely different,  he’s talking about Therians.  Basically,  Therians are nons who believe, like strongly, that they have a spiritual conection to animals.  That they carry an spiritual animal totem within themselves.  Maybe Dave saw what he saw because he was the one playing big brother, watching the werewolves, when they weren’t watching him? Who knows? Only Dave.

Then again if you read Dave’s Big Brother Bio, He also “believes in UFOs and ghosts but only as an extension of his understanding of the scriptures”. Yeah, religion and werewolves, we don’t bode well.  But it’s the part that says Dave likes hunting that causes me to be suspicious of him. 

Oh well, he’s apparently up for Eviction this week. So I’d think if he was openly talking about werewolves, shape shifting  so openly on a media platform like television, which in itself is a contradiction to his own defense, that we don’t like the media spotlight  – then hey Dave, don’t shine the fucking thing on us – He should want to hope he hasn’t pissed some UK werewolf off.  Or Dave might learn, that he’s bitten off far more than he could ever chew.

Remember this, we bite first, chew later.

Well, sometimes.  Not every werewolf kill is seen as a TV dinner meal.


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