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Target locking werewolves | August 19, 2010

Just so you are aware, I’m thinking of making it my mission to get onto the front of Freshly Pressed – the homepage of WordPress.com – the site that my blog is on.  Now I warn you because there are many things a werewolf can do and is likely to do, but I’m not sure that you’re ready for my obsession with wanting to be featured on Freshly Pressed.  

I mean, an obsessed werewolf, do you know what that’s like?

Do you?

We get fixated on these things, that become our targets, and then we just won’t let go.

But there you go, I’ve warned you and that’s what counts. If it does, at all. Warnings, I mean, what’s the point to them, they’re usually to lame or vague or late to be of any particular use to the person who needs them right?

Target locking werewolves, also known as obsessed werewolves, are in fact, quite common throughout the werewolf culture.  We tend to become rather obsessed with love and the object of our affections. Werewolves love hard (most of the time). 

Why do you think my ex boyfriend is still hanging around me like an odour that just won’t scrub off me, no matter how much I want to be clean?

But also, it seems, I’ve targeted a UK werewolf vibe.   After writing my last post “Bite first, Chew Later.”  I’ve discovered  that a conference on female werewolves is being held in September, in Manchester, England.

Is this were the werewolves are, I hear you ask?

Not from what I can gather, it’s a conference put on by nons, university geeks, to “discuss the figure of the female werewolf in art, literature and culture” .

Maybe I should put my hand up and ask to be a contributor to their conference hey? Make a guest apperance perhaps?

Then, again, maybe not since they seem to keep saying  “the female monster” a lot on the blog promoting it. And I take issue with the word monster being used in conjunction with the term werewolf.  But hey, that’s just me, your every day, modern day werewolf from Brooklyn.


  1. I guess no publicity is bad publicity… thanks for the link! As you say, the conference is on representations of female werewolves in art, literature and culture. I’m sure you’d be the first to say that there’s been plenty of these representations throughout human history… we’re not claiming they’re accurate, just exploring how they work.

    You are more than welcome to the conference. You can find our contact details on the blog. Feel free to get in touch.

    I’m recommending the zines to our delegates btw – I think a lot of them would be interested.

    Chief Geek – She-Wolf Conference, Manchester

    Comment by UniGeek — August 20, 2010 @ 7:04 pm

    • Thanks for your support Chief Geek- I’d love for the zines to be in the UK!! wahoo! international werewolf of mystery!

      I hope to get Zine 3 out soon also.

      I like that you she wolf geeks are exploring the idea of the werewolf and looking at us from more than one concept.

      I’m sure the conference will be great!

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — August 20, 2010 @ 9:10 pm

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