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The Chicken Little Moment | August 20, 2010

I felt like there was chicken little moment happening when I read  in the NY Times that The Moon is shrinking.

Part of me felt like running around like an five year old on red cordial and sugar screaming “The moon is shrinking! the moon is shrinking!” because to a werewolf, any werewolf, I have to tell you, the moon is a big deal.

Don’t ask me for specifics because I’m not the space expert and all, but somehow, werewolves and the moon are linked. I can you tell my life wouldn’t have been the way it is, being born a natural werewolf, if it hadn’t.  It’s just how it is. The moon definitely affects our physiology. It’s been proven, time and time again. Undisputable.

So to hear that the moon is shrinking could be cause for concern for the werewolves of the world.  After all, what happens to us, if there’s no more moon?

But fear not my furry fans and non friends, apparently the moon has only shrunk about the size of a football field, over the last billion years or so.  So the likely hood that we’ll be around to find out what happens to werewolves, when the moon finally does go away, is a minimal to infinitesimal one at that.  Which fills me with relief.  I mean, I know what happens to us when there’s an eclipse.  Maybe I’ll tell you more about that, after the next one.

But  I’m just not prepared to think of my own non existence because of something, I have no control over, has control over my being

Of course, changes in the moon aren’t like something that is an instant and immediate effect on us werewolves. I mean, its not like a hiccup and we feel it.  Doesn’t happen like that.  But maybe these changes in the moon’s surface, it’s cracks that caused it to shrink, might play some sort of factor in the generations and lineages of werewolves that are around now.  It’s possibly that’s why we’re not like the werewolves of old. 

Maybe it’s why lunar week’s always feel so intense and thick in every sensation and emotion you could possibly process through human bodies.

Welcome to Lunar Week, here we go.



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