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Wicked wolf | August 22, 2010

Werewolves are not known to be prudes when it comes to nudity, or when having sex around other werewolves. But Alpha Werewolves, do tend to get mighty possessive at times, like say when they’re about to be interrupted in the throws of sex with their packmate.

Enter Addison.

“Fuck, make some noise or something next time, would you?”

And yes, it never occurred to him, to knock first.

Addison literally walked into the room we were in, when both Paris and I looked up at him, neither of us stopping the movement of our bodies.  But Paris’s hands slipped around my breasts, gripping them, covering them.  It’s not like Addison hasn’t seen them before, he’s seen them at least two times before that I can think of.  But that’s not really the point.

Paris kept thrusting and started growling at Addison. He doesn’t get annoyed all that often that I’ve seen. I think I just looked a little surprised by the intrusion.

“People were asking.” Addison said shaking his head as Paris’s growl grew louder.  His actions even harder. Faster.

I bit my lip.

Addison turned around and walked back out again.

It’s lunar week and we’re normally busily doing each other every night, but this week is different, it’s my birthday week and Paris and I have been all over each other, day and night.

“Now would be the time to remind you what happens if you make noise.” Paris’s throaty voice sounded slightly strained. He’d been hammering me for awhile.  Hence why Addison had come looking for us.  “If you cry out or groan or even ever so lightly sigh, I’ll be forced to keep this up, even longer.  Keep you exactly where I want you, make those knees get friction burns on them while I ride this out.”

Paris was having a hard day of wanting, he’d told me earlier on.  It’s what happens during lunar week.  The sexual energy around us, in us, it just about explodes.  Drives you wild.

We’d had plans, things to do, but he said every time he looked at me, he found himself wanting me. We’d come close to finding a lane way in the city and fucking behind a dumpster, he wanted me so badly.  Instead, we managed to scramble to the party we were invitead to and nearby too, and get into it. Snuck off, found a room and he’d actually torn my clothing off me, because, he claims, I wasn’t moving fast enough for him.

Impatient Alpha.

What the hell was I supposed to wear out of there?

Things to figure out later, I guess, I could get through the now. My lip started to hurt from my teeth cutting into it. Even that act, made my lip start to sting, as the skin started to become cut.  Blood would swell up from it soon.  The thought of which would, only fuel our current round of dealing with our sexual needs, to make the party we were at, more than likely send out a search party for us. Blood, sex and werewolves are a wicked combination.  Seriously wicked enjoyment.

As a beta wolf, I’m even more affected by lunar week’s sensations than Paris is and I knew, I couldn’t hold out.  Part of me, didn’t want to.

I groaned, deep in my throat. Paris chuckled.

“Poor little wolf.”

I kept groaning. It felt just as good to be able to make noise as it was to be loved by my pack mate. The door to the room opened again and Gabby stumbled in, and stood watching us for a moment.  My eyes went to hers and I held contact with them, Paris as before, didn’t stop.

“This wolf, and room is taken.” He panted at her.

Again, I ask myself, what is with the lack of knocking from these werewolves? Alpha’s, I guess they’re not used to being told to wait or what have you.

Gabby blinked slowly.  Recognition or something, dawning across her face.  She turned around and walked back out, without comment, bumping into another body we could half see through the slightly ajar door.  Something was mumbled and the door was closed.

“Oh you wicked, wolf.” I grunted quickly.  It was all I could get out, for I was too busy focusing on the sensation of Paris within me to care about anything else.



  1. I love ur stories, I get caught up in each

    Comment by bnbwulf — December 17, 2010 @ 6:56 am

    • Thanks.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — December 17, 2010 @ 7:05 am

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