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How to Break up with a werewolf. | August 25, 2010

There should be lessons for how to break up with a werewolf.  Because clearly, I need to take them.

My Ex boyfriend, and packmate, Conall Wakely should probably take those lessons too.  Since he doesn’t seem to realise, that we broke up over ten months ago. Or he doesn’t want to.  Werewolf, stubborn, who’d have thought it huh?

I got a message from a friend of mine, a fellow werewolf, saying something about how she wanted to catch up with me.  You see since I dumped Conall and started going out with another pack wolf, Paris, from a different pack,  I’ve kind been outcasted from those within my own pack.

I thought she was offering a paw of friendship to me again.  So I arranged for Paris and I to meet her at a Brooklyn club.

As I walked up to Mish, she smirked at me and silently walked off. I was left watching her go and looking back at where she had been standing. Behind her, in her place, was Conall Wakely.  Ex boyfriend from hell.

I crossed my arms over my chest.

“What, no happy birthday?”  He muttered picking up a beer and raising it to his lips.

I sighed heavily. Shook my head and started to turn away.  I couldn’t believe I’d been set up for this. Although kudos to Conall, he’d thought it through, the approach anyway. If he’d tried to call me over, I’d never have come.

“Well, I hope you at least, had a good birthday.  Did you?  I mean, I’m only asking because you know, it’s the first one I’ve missed in how many years?” He asked keeping eye contact with me.  I ignored him. Turning around and let my anger come through. I wanted him to see and feel how pissed at him I was.

“My birthday was brilliant. Paris fucked me all day and night.”

Conall put his beer down again and I watched a muscle in his jaw twitch wildly.  Guess he didn’t think I’d be so bold. He should guess again.

You know the phrase, “You know, I’ve been extremely patient with you.” Is never going to go well, when it’s said at you, by an ex boyfriend. Or by the words used and the manner it’s being used.  Add to that, werewolf mentality on possession, territory and love and you can see how this raised my hackles, immediately.

Conall and I were never going to get off on a good setting, when he said this to me.


“This whole, Paris, Manhattan Alpha dating thing. I’ve been extremely patient with you about letting you have your fun fling, about rubbing it in my face, about having your space and time away from me. Very patient.” He rambled on.  To say I was stunned over his words, would be an understatement.

“What the fuck Conall?” I replied angrily shoving him in the chest and out of my personal space. “We broke up! I broke up with you, you stupid pup!”

This just made him smile.

“Yeah right, like we could ever break up for real.” He muttered with a laugh. “Come on babe, this is what we do, you and me, we go round and round and round in circles, chasing one another.  Fighting and fucking and having fun in between.”  I raised my eyebrows at this statement.  Interesting to know that’s how he figured our old relationship was.  “But’s its no fun, when you’re not there.”

I opened my mouth to speak but he cut me off.

“I get it, you were angry at me and you wanted to teach me a lesson, so you hooked up with another pack Wolf, a fucking Alpha wolf to show me up. I get it. I get it.”

As my mouth dropped open and kept gaping, I did the only thing I could do. I walked off on him and straight towards Paris, who he hadn’t seen, because he’d been talking to some other wolves.

But like I said, there should be lessons in how to break up with a werewolf because that’s hardly likely to deter one.  Even a beta wolf like Conall. Werewolves have legendary focus when in a hunt for something they want.  I was beginning to think nostalgia of times past when Conall and I used to celebrate our birthday’s together, had put him in the mood for a hunt with me.

But I refused to be prey, refused to go back to him, and refused to let him get to me anymore than he had.

“Aw come on, don’t be like that. You’re in Brooklyn now, it’s my birthday you could at least give me..” His voice trailed off as his fingers brushed my arm and I maneuvered out of his grasp, straight into Paris’s arms.  Where I pulled him away from the wolves he was talking too and shoved him towards the nearest wall.

Where I proceeded to kiss him deeply and longingly.  Conall wanted something from me for his birthday present. So I was going to give him something.

A show.

Paris flipped us around so I was against the wall and ground into me, picking me up and locking my legs around his hips.

Paris broke for air with me, panting as I glanced over his shoulder. Around us. Conall had disappeared.  Maybe he’d gotten the message this time.  You see, for all the time apart we’ve been, for all his dissing Paris, he’s never actually seen us together. Seen what it’s really like between us. And since it’s Lunar week, and we’re all feeling things ten times more than normal, I’d pretty much just given him a massive dose of our intesity, just by doing that, and having him in close vicinity.

I guess you could say it’s like being able to literally tell, through sense and feeling, even though your not physically touching the reciever of the message, in this case Conall, wether I was lying or not about my feelings for Paris.

Now, he’d get it. Brutality in my case, is the key.  He’d get the message. So here ends the lesson, in how to Break up with a werewolf.

A werewolf named Conall Wakely.


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