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Wolves: the new fashion icon | September 12, 2010

Werewolves are so fashionable, that we’ve got our own T-shirts. Well, we seem to inspire them a lot. I’ve written about them before on this blog.

Like the infamous 3 Wolves and Moon T-shirt, which I have to say, I heard some bizarre off hand comment the other day about that at least one of the wolves in question might be from Niew Teme pack. Well, it kind of sounded that way. I mean, it was vague at the best but, something about what was being said made me link it back to the t-shirt in question. Kind of like little lights going off in my head you know?

Anyway, there seems to be a mystical quality that surrounds most of these animalistic t shirts. Maybe it’s the nature of the wolf, it’s connection to the werewolf. Maybe it’s because animals are cool and should only be used to symbolize fashion’s coolness rather than be used in it for it’s skin or lab testing abilities. Animals endure and endure, in those things, only because human’s don’t get their voices, or listen to them. Only because humans think they’re the dominate ones over animals.

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked here. T-shirts, it’s about the t-shirts. The wolf t-shirts, they seem to be forever spawning.

I came across this one, inspired by the very funny movie, The Hangover. I’ve found it rather awesome and just had to share and am now thinking of buying for my little brother Joss.

It’s based on Alan, doing his wolf pack speech.

Seems appropriate for my brother since he rather likes being a player.


So check out the One Man Wolf Pack Tshirt.


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