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The Meat Dress | September 14, 2010

I thought Werewolves were the new fashion statement, but Lady Ga Ga has toppled that statement over on it’s hind quarters nicely. By introducing us all to The Meat Dress – perfect attire for an Awards show. Apparently.

Lady Ga Ga’s meat dress at the VMA awards was the show stopper that it was planned to be. Well, show shocker that should be. Let’s face it, she’s not a shy retiring wall flower type and anyone who wears a Meat Dress is obviously out to make a statement of some kind.

Maybe it was a vegetarian protest dress, doubtful but I’m sure she’s not opposed to playing that card if it can be marketed right. Maybe it was meant to say “we’re all just flesh and fat” or “we’re all just slabs of meat.” Maybe she wanted to pick up a meat monger in the audience. I mean, that’d just about do it.

I started get hungry just looking at the damn thing. Would give “ravaging a woman” a whole new meaning. Well from the werewolf perspective.

Maybe she was trying to remind us to get enough protien in our diets, maybe it was an Akins diet promoitional piece, maybe she wanted to remind women to ensure they have enough iron in their diets. Maybe she was due to skip out and go to a cook out after the show and was expected to you know, bring a long a plate to help out with the food. So she thought practically and thought she’d kill two stones with one idea. Meat Dress. Perfect.

Mmm tasty meat dress

Could it be she was trying to let us know she’s a werewolf? One can hope not, there’s one celebrity, even if she is from New York, that I’d rather we werewolves didn’t have to claim as our own. Fairly certain we’re safe on the front. After all, she’s too busy being “shocking /controversial/out there/different/an artist” and all the rest of the labels you can think to throw at her. Polarize what she can while she can, I think is the Ga Ga motto.

The Meat Dress has got me thinking. By the way, I pretty sure the Meat Dress originated from Beijing China fashion scene back in 2003 before Ga Ga took it to the world wide food table. Which as Cher so pointedly showed us by rocking up in two strips of leather over her essential bits, to hand out whatever the award was Ga Ga won, is how heavily Lady Ga Ga continuously by ripping off other people’s images and previously done concepts. Hardly original people. Fashion repeats and recycles. Much like the Meat Dress.
Hmm, maybe that’s the point to the Meat Dress.

The concept of a Meat Dress for werewolves could in fact take off and come in handy. Because us werewolves are almost always hungry. So it could be like the perfect snack on piece of clothing when need be. You could start off with a ball gown length Meat Dress to the ankles or floor, then as need be, when you get hungry enough, you just start ripping off chunks of the red stuff and tearing into it. As you go along snacking your way through your clothing piece, you could effectively, re-design and alter your Meat Dress design along the way. It just depends on where you take your meat piece from. So you could have a mid-length Meat Dress, a tea length Meat Dress or even a mini Meat Dress. It’s rather brilliant if you think about it.

Then there’s the other aspect to your Meat Dress to consider. You could, if you were a single werewolf, easily attract other werewolves to you. You could share your Meat Dress with them. And instead of obviously having to waste time, getting out of clothing and then later on trying to find bits of clothing, you could just have one big old seductive eating fest, where you both devour your Meat Dress till there’s nothing but naked werewolves left underneath.
And Bam Said the Lady, get down to business.

What would you do with a Meat Dress?


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