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Whirl Wind | September 18, 2010

Tornadoes or Microbursts of storm weather, and Werewolves do not mix.

There have been eight tornadoes to hit New York City since the 1950s. And this one isn’t the first one I’ve been around to see either. But it makes me wiley. Edgy. Weather like that. Sets off the senses.

Perhaps it’s because we werewolves, and I say we, because I know I’m not the only one, we kind of get suspicious of mother nature when this goes down, so unexpectedly, we hold a common feeling. Around times like these.

That we’re either being reminded that we’re not as all together powerful and unstoppable as can be. That even if you’re a werewolf, a step up the evolutionary scale of things, that there are some things, it just doesn’t matter for. Like mother nature herself.

Being a werewolf and being caught in a tornado’s way, same as being a non and being caught in a tornado’s way. Not a hell of a lot you can do about it. Except maybe, video it and put it on you tube.

I guess, it’s a reminder, an equalizer that for all we are, and as much as nons want to glamorize the benefits of a werewolf lifestlye and being, there are some things we aren’t also.

We do not control the weather. No. A fish named pudge in Hawaii does that.

And mother nature herself, is unpredictable and unexpected and a force of life that can not be tamed. She is powerful and really, that makes the rest of us, nons and werewolves alike, seem diminished in her capacity to do damage of the unexpected on a large scale.

She’s the equalizer and the unity all in one. Where as I am a werewolf, a being of two halves. Does being a werewolf equalize my human side? Maybe that’s what’s been ticking around in my head as I write this.

Does it overshadow the other parts of me and push them aside like the tornado, the whirl of emotions that pulse through me in human form (as a werewolf) versus that which I more physically feel when in tribal form as a werewolf.

I dunno. Just random thoughts.


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