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Cool Fire | September 22, 2010

His kisses burn my skin and make me gasp for cool air and moan in delight. I want to drown in this feeling. The heightened sensation that Paris just keeps keeping me on edge, rather skillfully. Or I want to howl. Maybe drown howling as I crash through myself and into him with the cool fire he’s wracking me in. I’m getting needy.

That talented mouth, leaves my skin and Paris looks up at me, and starts crawling over me, his hands either side of me as he skims just above my body, ever towards me.

“So now, are you going to tell me who that Non was?” He asks softly.

I sigh heavily. This is his idea of asking nicely. I’d been avoiding telling him about Aaron at Midnight Blue. Paris isn’t so different to any other guy I’ve been involved with in one respect. He hates to think of me ever being with another guy before him. Yet he asks for info.

“Why’s it important to know?” I hate talking about ex’s, or past flings or guys that don’t matter to me anymore when I’m with someone that does matter. Like my packmate.

Paris dips his mouth to ear.

“If you tell me, I promise to let you finish what I just started.” His tongue flicks out and starts playing with the join of my ear to my neck. Seriously ticklish and more.

“I think…you..want to finish this as much as I want you too anyway.” I reply defiantly.
His teeth grace along my jaw, nipping it, as his naked chest grazes against my breasts, pushing down into them, till my nipples harden into him. I fist the sheets under my hands into a bunch.

“That’s true.” He murmurs, kissing down under my throat softly. “But doesn’t mean I’m going to let you, at least, not any time soon. We got all night long, wolf.”

I laugh, my breasts rumbling into him as he holds himself over me. “You wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t I?” He answers me without skipping a beat. But I can hear the smile in his voice.

“I thought you liked watching me when I,”

“I do.” Paris laughs lightly, his breath tickling it’s way across my heated skin.

“But I’m curious, want to know who the non that upset you was.” I’m beginning to wonder if he’s going to do something to Aaron. Doubtful, but, well…no, he wouldn’t. I mean, nothing really happened right? Other than the guy insulted me and mine. Well, Conall. But Paris is curious. An Alpha with curiosity. Yeah, he’s not going to let this go any time soon.

I push up onto my elbows and look down at the top of his head, as his mouth latches on to my breast.

“You wouldn’t be so mean. Couldn’t be.”

“Me and my werewolf influence, can do anything sweetheart, especially with a beta wolf whose worked up at my will. Easy.”

I tense up slightly. Influence. Hadn’t thought of that. Damn Alpha werewolf abilities. Of course, he could tease me to the point of almost reaching orgasm and then, hold my will at bay continously. Stop me from that moment of release. Then start it up again and do it again. But that would just be cruel. Really, really, cruel. Even playing around with the idea is cruel.

Those blue eyes look up at me as he continues to suck and lick at my breast.

“Okay you win.” I reply quickly. It’s lunar week, being horny and denied on a lunar week when my body is craving nothing more than sex, meat and nightfall, is just not on. I mean, it’d be like scratching an itch that was never going to go away. It’d be like trying to cool down in the middle of an inferno. The body, the werewolf knows what it wants to keep it’s calm, to be under control, in control. To feel the balance of me and the wolf together. It’s wants’ Paris to make me come.

“Aaron. His name’s Aaron.” I reply quickly, flopping back on the bed’s pillows and his teeth graze my breast, hungrily. “He’s just a guy I once knew.”

“And you dated?” Paris asks, lifting his mouth long enough to ask the question before travelling across to my other breast.

“No, it never got to that.”

Paris seems content with my answer as he lavishes his skilled mouth, teeth and tongue on my breast. I try to remember to breathe evenly.

“Well then, after we’re done here, which consequently won’t be for quite some time yet, since you’re not even close to needing to shape shift soon,”

“But you said!”

“I said I’d let you finish. Didn’t say I’d be quick about it.” Paris smirks back at me, as he starts on my stomach. His tongue following the grooves on the skin.

“Then, I’ll find out what the deal is with Midnight Blue and your ex Non-Non boyfriend.”



  1. *Snarls with jealousy*… I want a bite too #justsayin . Thank for a sexy story. Look fwd to when you “finish”. *grins*

    Comment by Pierre — September 22, 2010 @ 8:26 am

  2. 🙂

    Comment by Breukelen Girl — September 22, 2010 @ 8:48 am

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