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All Kinds of Trouble Pt1. | September 23, 2010

You could say Aaron was one of the reasons I cut ties with my human friends last year, because, well, he along with my friend Aimee (who I’ve been told – and I quote “Please don’t write about me on your blog without my permission.”) – I’m not allowed to mention on here, except in this context, showed me, that at that point in my life, my two worlds just didn’t mix. It was all getting a bit to complicated for me to handle. That and the fact that Aaron stopped looking at me when we were out with our friends, and then stopped talking to me, after he saw me at Ultra with Conall.

Yeah, that went down well, so well, that night.

But here he is again, this human male, back in my life. Entering into my world. Werewolf world. He shouldn’t be here, but he is. Paris has got his crew asking a few pointed questions about Midnight Blue. It’s supposed to be a kind of safe haven for werewolves on lunar week. That’s not to say humans aren’t allowed, but really, if there’s going to be humans there, you’re only ever likely to see a handful, like three, five maximum. When we were at Midnight Blue, and ran into Aaron, there was more than that, at least half the club was full of nons and werewolves. Which is asking for all kinds of trouble. Especially since the Manhattan Alpha, hasn’t decreed this is acceptable behavior to operate in his territory.

Part of what makes Paris a great Pack Leader, he’s smart, really smart when it comes to werewolf needs and pack behavior. He’s more flexible than most pack leaders would be willing to be and he’s more open minded. But if you take liberty of this attributes, without following his rules, like Midnight Blue seem to have been doing, then you can expect to get found out and dealt with.

So I find myself back in Midnight Blue as Paris’s pack lieutenants, Addison, Jules, Gabby and Wiatt start doing there thing at the club. And who shows up for a second night in a row, but Aaron. Now I’m suspicious. You see, from what I do know of Aaron, he’s a nice boy. A conservative, nice, polite, regular guy. I find it hard to believe he’d venture this far over to the wild side of life. But then again, maybe he doesn’t know, just how wild it gets in these places. And for his own benefit, more than mine, I should at least give him a heads up to get out, before Paris and his crew do something, that might end up endangering him. Or exposing his human mind to things he probably doesn’t know about, or would rather not see or believe.

He starts laughing as I walk towards him. Shaking his head. The blonde he was with the other night is nowhere in sight. He’s alone, or at least, I think he is, there’s a few humans standing at the bar not so far behind him. Could be friends.

“So you don’t come to sex clubs like this? But here you are two nights in a row. Man, I really didn’t have a clue about you did I?” He says to me, hands on his hips.

Oh you still don’t you ungrateful, rude, prick.

“It’s not a sex club. It’s a nightclub and I never said I hadn’t been here before. Keep up and pay attention Aaron or you’ll get left behind.” I zing back at him.

His arms drop off his hips.

“Yeah right, then why wouldn’t they stop people from stripping off out of their clothes and having four ways on the dance floor?”

I so can not explain this to him.

“I don’t know why you’re here or how you got in..”

“Some of us of heard about this place, apparently there are others, but this was the only one me and Daniel could get into. We had to bribe the doorman with like two hundred and fifty bucks each to let us in last night and again tonight.”

My eyebrows shot up at this news. Weak security detail on a wolf club. Not good. Paris will not be amused either.

“It was a dare of sorts.”

This guy was so not the same Aaron I thought I knew last year. What a shame.

“So the real question is,” He asked stepping forward, closer to me. “Why are you here, in this sex club that you’ve been to, more than once before?”

My finger nails start tapping out an angry rhythm on my thigh as I glare at him.

“I’m here with my boyfriend, remember the hulking guy who wanted to rip your head off from your shoulders last night, because you were in my face?”

He looked shocked for a second and looked around us.

“You sure do know how to pick ‘em. First that Colin guy…”

Conall. His name is Conall.”

“Whatever. You like the asshole type, and sex clubs, and you wonder why we never got together?” His eyes run up and down my outfit. “Well it’s because bitch whores have never been my type. Guess I figured that out in time, for once.”

I straighten up and feel the tension in my body elevate.
“Bitch whore.” I repeat slowly and punch him in the face, before I even realize I’ve made a fist.

Aaron cried out and stumbled backwards with the force of the blow, falling down on the ground, onto his backside. His hands going up to his face.

“Aww that fucking hurt!”

I shrugged my shoulders as he cupped his nose. “You hurt my feelings.” I replied.

The scent of blood tinged the air near me and I know before he’d even removed his hands from his nose, that there is blood gushing from his nose. I watch him now more curiously, the animal inside taking it’s time to assess through human eyes. Aaron looked at the blood on his hands and his brown eyes darted back over to mine. Holding my gaze.

The smell of fresh blood has my heart beat racing. I lick my lips. My skin is itching with a need to go primal on the prey in front of me. On Aaron.

Seems like an opportune time to let the werewolf in me, out.


  1. Yup. Punch him again! 🙂

    Comment by Pierre — September 23, 2010 @ 8:40 am

  2. ha ha.

    Comment by Breukelen Girl — September 23, 2010 @ 9:03 am

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