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Full Moon Beer | September 28, 2010

Full Moon Beer. It sounds like some sort of werewolf sports chant, “Full moon beer! full moon beer! full moon beer!”

A mantra of what you want (Beer) and when (Full Moon).

But what it actually is is a real beer for purchase in Belgium. There is a company that is selling a full moon beer. Well it’s a new beer that they brew only on a full moon.

It won’t bring out the werewolf in you, at least, I don’t think it has that kind of capability.

Apparently these brewers have discovered the benefits of the full moon that makes their beer somehow better tasting, stronger and longer lasting.

Intriguing that humans are trying to harness the power of the moon. Well, actually, it’s intriguing that they’re trying to harness the power of the full moon just for beer!

Imagine if the beer, could turn the humans into werewolves.

You’d be getting all kinds of people trying to get a hold of one of those things, just to see what it was like. But then, in the sober light of day, they find out they can’t turn back.

Or maybe you could create a beer that you drink and you turn into a werewolf through that, but only as long as the beer is in your system?

Maybe that would work for some people. Those that want to see what it’s like being a werewolf. Those that claim they want to be a werewolf, it could be like a trial dosage of the real deal. And then if they don’t like it, they could revert back to their usual self.

Handy and tasty full moon beer!

ha ha


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  1. Haha! Full Moon Beer, huh? I’ll keep a lookout! Thx. 🙂

    Comment by Pierre — September 28, 2010 @ 8:07 am

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