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The Alpha Male | October 4, 2010

So apparently there’s more things for us werewolves to worry about, other than we are essentially, a dying breed (we breed out). The decline and slow death of the Alpha Male.

Hollywood has declared it so, in the movies and therefore society has followed on, with their numerous illogical studies on single parent families and the like and decided that the Alpha male, macho male if you will, are becoming less and less prominent amongst the male species. Apparently males are becoming more…I dunno, what’s the term for it?

Metroxsexual ? Emo? Justin Bieber and less Jason Statham (Hello British goodness with a six pack). Horrifying as that is, apparently it’s a fact. So what does this mean for the werewolves of today? Um don’t get Justin Bieber haircuts cause they’re seriously uncool.

See in werewolf world, Alpha has a few meanings. It’s not only a reputation based on your inherited abilities, it’s also a leadership position.

In terms of the werewolf male, Alpha werewolf is not only the inherit supped up abilities given in their bloodline, but it usually applies to their behavior and attitude as well. Leadership material, forthright, fighting warriors. That isn’t to say they go all cave-man like because they can fight and might like a good fight. No, if you’re an Alpha male, which appears to increasingly be a sin in today’s society, it doesn’t mean you lack brains to think with, or the ability to register emotions. It just means you’re less likely to moisture your skin and fuss about your 1980’s throw back hair.

It grates me that Alpha males are shunned and we’re being force feed the image of sensitive males as the only male species us females want. Speaking for myself, that’s bullshit. It’s not that I don’t want a male who understands me, or at least, tries too. But I’m okay with flaws, since I’m not fucking perfect myself. So if I’m not, it’s okay if he’s not. We’ll balance each other out. But I do know what I want in a male. I want someone who can handle me, all my troubles, enjoy themselves with me when it’s good and stick me with no matter what. I want a six footer and the guy who’ll put me first, and if he has to, fight for me and protect me.

I think the Alpha male, human variety at least, has been given a rough shot here. It’s easy to lump all Alpha males into one category, that of brutes or those with brawns and barely any brains. But that’s just ignorance if you do that. I mean, stereotyping is stupid and shows your lack of brains if you buy into it.

Take for instance, Conall, my ex, is a beta wolf by blood line, that’s to say he roughly has the same werewolf abilities I do (also a beta wolf). But he acts more like an Alpha male. But he does not have the alpha male blood line in him and therefore can not do the same physical things, that Paris, my Alpha male boyfriend and werewolf can do. Partial shape shifting, bringing on another wolf’s shift, stronger, faster, more endurance, more tolerance to our weakness and all that kind of stuff. And I’ve come to realize, in Conall’s case, that he doesn’t lack brain power to tune into emotions, either his or mine. He just has massive fucking barriers and fears in the way of delving into that shit.

And that’s normal. We all go through that kind of reveal, male and female alike. Not that it changes anything between us (incase you’re wondering Conall, we’re still over). But I get it.

Anyway, I’m Pro Alpha male. I don’t think the Alpha males of the world should be made to feel less than a man, whether of the human variety or werewolf kind, just because dickhead characters like Edward Cullen have been made into an impossible reality of girlishness.

If I wanted my partner to be more feminine and girly like I’d date a lesbian.


  1. Alpha males ~ human species a dying breed ?- indeed. I’ve enjoyed this post. Thx B.

    Comment by Pierre — October 5, 2010 @ 3:08 am

    • Well the Alpha werewolves and werewolves are a dying breed. Maybe I didn’t word it right. The Alpha human male, is being culled – changed into the type of guy that’s not acceptable anymore, well at least that’s my take on all the stuff i read.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — October 5, 2010 @ 7:39 am

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