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Yeren | October 10, 2010

There are many things in this world, that we don’t understand or expect to see (ahem, werewolf here), and the more exotic and unusual of them, usually tend to turn into something of legend.

And it’s the legends that capture people’s attention and create legions of fans for them and what they could possibly mean to be all around the world.

Let’s face it, the earth has been around a long time, longer than our direct generation, so there are of course, things, animals and species older than us. More usual than us (yes even werewolves) and more enduring than us.

Recent reports from China have reported that the The Hubei Wild Man Research Association (HWMRA) is actively recruiting volunteers to help them search for “Yeren” or “Wild Man”. More commonly known as ‘Big Foot” or a ‘yeti’

Since the 1970’s there have been around 400 reported sighting of this creature in the Shennongjia area, in China. Yet when scientists have gone looking for the reported creature, they’ve found nothing. At least, nothing conclusive, or sufficient, no tracks, hair, feed or fecal or anything to suggest this creature actually exists.

The Yeren, is reported to apparently be a creature, that walks upright, like humans, and is covered, from head to toe in hair.

Sound familiar?

Well it might be that the China’s Yeren’s might actually be something closer to an Alpha werewolf.

I mean, face it, werewolves, have been around for decades, and Alpha werewolves, there are theories on why they’re so different or why there are the common two types of wolves, Betas and Alphas. Why there are differences. Alpha werewolves tend to have all the good stuff, if you want to break it down in the simplest of terms. They have better abilities and strengths than beta wolves like me do. It’s a genetic inheritance. So it’s not like us beta wolves can just suddenly do what the Alpha’s are able to do. Doesn’t work like that.

And one of the things, that Alpha werewolves have been known to be able to do, well, certain blood lines of werewolves anyway, it seems, is appear more humanoid, and walk upright on hind legs.

Not all Alpha’s look like that. Most still resemble giant oversized natural wolves. But not all. There have been suggestions of these types of Alpha werewolves in South America, Haiti, Tibet, and Cambodia, that I’ve heard of. So maybe China has one too?

And the fact that there have been such a high number of public sightings, and yet nothing found to support these sightings of this exotic creature of legend, suggest to me, that this creature is smart. Smarter than it’s being made out to be.

When we hear about yeti’s and the like, they’re always portrayed as throwbacks to the cave man era. But the reality is, if these creatures, have been around for so long, then clearly, they’ve either a) adapted to the world around them. A constantly changing world. Or B) evolved.

If they’ve evolved, that could be the answer to why nothing can be found on them. Who’s to say how long it takes them to evolve or how? Then again, if they’re something more along the lines of an Alpha werewolf lineage, that again, would explain their smarts.

Alpha’s abilities don’t always come down to their physical attributes. They’re smart. Like mega smart. They eat strategy for breakfast, kind of smart. So if the Yeren where to be some sort of Werewolf, living in wild surroundings, I would say you could expect them to be highly elusive and hard to track down. And wouldn’t the best type of tracker to find this sort of creature be perhaps something similar to it? like a werewolf?
It’d be so intriguing to speak to an ancient alpha. They’d be able to offer a great deal of insight into the werewolf lineage. I’d be pretty fascinated to hear about it.



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Korey Epps, Breukelen_girl. Breukelen_girl said: Yeren: http://wp.me/pyFur-11W #werewolves #bigfoot […]

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  2. An interesting proposition to associate the yeren with werewolves. 🙂

    Comment by Pierre — October 11, 2010 @ 2:30 am

    • hmm i don’t think it’s that far a stretch.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — October 11, 2010 @ 4:25 am

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