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Wolfing out at Samhain

October 15, 2010

Samhain is approaching.

It’s a rather festive time in the werewolf social calendar, there’s usually a rather big party held, each year for all the east coast werewolf packs. They move the location each year. Last year, it was in the Hampton’s in New York, this year, the Samhain ball is being held in Miami.

And Paris keeps looking at me as I type this blog post.


He grins at me resting his head on top of his hands. His dark blue eyes never leaving my face. “Do you want to go to the Samhain?”

Can he see my screen from there? Huh. What a loaded question. You’d never think going to such a prestigious werewolf function would be so high pressure to give an answer to, would you?

“Or would you rather go see Sonny in Seattle?”

I hold two other pieces of paper in my hand. Printed emails. “Or Rebel and Rye’s party in New Jersey, or Mikey’s in Boston. Take your pick, They’re all bound to be fun and fully costumed themes.” I smirk back at him. Sonny is a really good friend of mine, Seattle Alki, who I don’t get to see nearly enough of. Rebel and Rye are the Coldtrain sisters, Rebecca and Ryan, two nons who work for our various werewolf clubs in New York. Mikey, is a shape shifter, an old friend too, who I need to remember to keep more in touch with. He tends to move around a fair bit, so it can be tricky. So hearing from him after quite some time, should probably make my decision making process much easier.

“You didn’t answer the question.” He says rolling off onto his side beside me, putting his hand in his head and continuing to stare at me.

Of course, I didn’t answer him.

What Samhain means to me as opposed to every other Halloween goer is different. It used to intrigue me, this big social gathering of werewolf packs from across the eastern states. I’d always wanted to go to a Samhain ball growing up. I’d hear about it, a celebration of our werewolf culture and think how great it must be. How much I wanted to be a part of that feeling. How I wanted to be there, to see what it was all about. To experience the unity.

But after last year, when I was supposed to go to the Samhain, well let’s just say I’m not that keen. See last year, I had a rather massive fight with my then boyfriend Conall Wakely, and I broke up with him. We’d had tickets to go the Samhain ball. I kind of forgot then, when I broke up with him, he was in possession of said tickets. Anyway, it was around about that time, too, that it kind of clicked with me that I wanted to be with Paris, my now, current packmate.

“No.” I say before looking back at my laptop screen. Why would I want to go to the event that automatically brings up bad memories for me? Even though I’ve never attended.

I feel the bed dip as Paris moves across closer to me. “You sure?”

I glance back at him. Why do I feel like he’s about to say he got us tickets to go? He knows why I don’t want to go. He knows why I’m no longer eager to go to the Samhain ball. I guess you might think it’s illogical. I mean, it really has nothing to do with the event itself or anything related to it, other than me, Paris and Conall.

You see, a year ago, I was going out with Conall, I got into a big fight with Conall and broke up with Conall. A few hours after we broke up, A few hours after we broke up I was already speaking to Paris and organizing for us to go out on date to the Samhain. That evening Conall stormed around to my house got into a physical fight with me and knocked me into a concussion.

Then there was the whole Paris and my sister Bodil finding out, me being in a bad way for a good twenty four hours, them all going crazy mad and crazy over protective with me and blah blah blah and the whole Samhain experience as a result, never happened. And just mentioning it out loud brings back those ugly memories.

“I’m sure. Don’t push your luck on the topic Alpha boy.” I grumble at him, focussing back on my laptop screen. He glances at me and reaches for the pieces of paper beside me and flicks between them.

“So, Seattle, Boston or New Jersey, either way I’m going to be made to wear fancy dress huh?”

“Well wolfing out, would be seen as a lame costume, given we’ve all seen what werewolves look like in their natural form before. So yeah, costume, fancy dress.” I type away quickly.

“Wolfing out is lame?” He chuckles up at me.

“Wolfing out at Halloween as an excuse for a costume, that’s lame. Especially coming from an Alpha werewolf.” I reply.

“Oh that’s funny.” He moves over to me and takes the laptop off me, placing it aside as he moves up along side my body. “Do you think wolfing out is lame?” He asks moving with a stealth like grace up to me. I like watching the way his muscles move. It’s a sensual hypnosis of the visual kind. Makes my skin flame with heat.

“Not with you, no.”

He’s completely naked and getting impatient, I’d say, as my eyes glance down over his bare form.
“Lucky me.”He mutters, placing one arm over me, so half of him is over the top of me. His bare arms holding his weight off me. He kisses me deeply.

Lucky him? Lucky me. I feel him shift himself around me and I move my legs apart so he can work with me. I feel hands on my hips, tugging at my boy leg shorts. I lift my hips up to help him.

“I’ll go wherever you go, do whatever you want to do.” He says softly as our lips part slightly and my boy leg shorts are pulled down my legs, over my ankles, pulled off over my toes and discarded. “You know, it’s just you me against the world right?” His breath dances across my skin as my eyes dart around, watching his face. I feel a finger, brush over a sensative spot and I gasp.

“You and me.” I repeat.

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