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The Legend of Versipellis | October 29, 2010

Back in Spaanse Nederlanden Of Foederata Belgica, before humans knew much about werewolves, there lived amongst them, one who was not all that he seemed.
He was not born a werewolf, but a man.

But he was no ordinary man.
He was the Versipellis.

A shape shifter.

As legend has it, all Versipellis beings were created to guide the werewolves through life. To ensure the werewolves survival was not put at risk.

Versipellis had been created to serve the werewolf, by helping the werewolf, distract the attentions of the humans. The humans were suspicious and highly fearful of the night time beast that howled like death’s avenger and slaughtered their flocks on moon lit nights.

It was Versipellis role to trick the humans into thinking that when they thought they saw a werewolf, what they really saw was another animal.

Versipellis was a man who could shift to the form of any animal he came across. It’s not known how this came to be. Just that it was as it had been designed, to be. He could be one, or he could be many.

Confusing the humans who could not understand what they would see on their farmlands. Animals, that did not belong there, that were not from around their lands.

When the humans tried to report a werewolf attack on their flock, or sighting around their lands, they would be laughed off and discredited as having been driven mad by the moonlight, when there was no evidence to suggest a werewolf could be found on their grounds. But feathers and other animal prints could be found.

Nobody would believe the person who cold not prove, that such a thing as a werewolf even existed. Such stories were put down to drunken evenings and legends of fables designed to scare small children.

They were considered nonsense.

Which suited the werewolves of Spannse Nederlanden, just fine. It made it easier for them to live their lives in peace.

But Versipellis had other ideas.

Versipellis was tired of working only for the werewolf. He saw no difference between the himself and the werewolves and yet he was the one to answer to the werewolf, rather than the other way around. When it was the werewolves who depended on Versipellis.

Where the werewolves were restricted and controlled by the light of the moon, Versipellis was not. He could change animal shape at any time, which was why the werewolves used his help.

One full moon night. The werewolves of a local village slipped off into the night, to do as they had always done. Met Versipellis at their designated safe haven and await the shape shift of the full moon.

Versipellis would shape shift with the werewolves so they knew who he was. He would pad the ground as one of the wolves, amongst them, when they started to roam the night lands. Should a werewolf find themselves in a situation with humans they attacked Versipellis would shape shift again, to provide the confusion necessary to allow the werewolf responsible, to flee the scene.

Only, having grown weary of the werewolf, Versipellis had other ideas.

As the werewolves of Foederata Belgica, started their ritual shape shift, Versipellis, sat high above them in the shape of a bird. Watching from the tree branches. He flew overhead, ever watching, as the werewolves started roaming the lands of the near by village.

As was the bad habit of the werewolves, once they got to close to the village they came from. The scent of flock and humans, proved to irresistible to them and they descended on the nearest farmer’s flock, intent on feeding.

A small break away pack of werewolves sighted a young girl gathering firewood from a pile of wood outside of a house. The lights from inside the cabin, didn’t provide her with light outside to see the wolves creeping up to her. As the girl began to gather up the chopped wood, the first two werewolves pounced. Leaping over the top of the wood pile and knocking the girl to the ground instantly.

The girl cried out as the werewolves sunk their teeth into her arms and legs, pulling and tearing at her. But as the smell of her blood scented the night air, more werewolves joined in the attack. The girl’s cry were too soft for those inside the house to hear.

Versipellis who had been circling the skies over head and witnessed the werewolf attack, knew if he was to ever be free of the servitude of the werewolf, he had to do something, then and there.

Versipellis swooped down fast and shape shifted, as he landed on the ground at the back of the cabin the girl had come from. Back to the form of a human. Knowing it would attack the attention of the werewolves. Who smelt human flesh easily. One werewolf, distracted by Versipellis, leapt upon him. Scratching at his skin. Versipellis cried out for help, trying to fight the wolf off himself.

His cries were heard by the girl’s father, who ran out of the cabin with a shot gun in hand. He fired at the werewolf attacking Versipellis. Shooting the werewolf dead. He looked at the naked Versipellis and then looked at the pack of savage werewolves, tearing and growling and ripping at something he could not make out in the dark by the pile of firewood. He called out to his daughter desperately. But heard no reply. He fired at the werewolves. Hitting most, sending two of them scattering, back into the woods and the night’s cape.

The man wept when he saw what the werewolves had been attacking was his daughter. Who had been torn to pieces by the werewolves. It was then that Versipellis spoke to him.

Bleeding, but alive, Versipellis said “I will help you. Help you hunt the werewolves who did this. Help you rid your lands of all werewolves. They are creatures of habits and I know their habits well.”

“How do you know them?” The father asked Versipellis.

“I have been amongst them. They take, and they take, they show no regard for anyone or anything that is not theirs. They must be stopped.” Versipellis replied. “But you must help me, to heal, to hide from them.”

The father of the girl, angered in his grief, agreed.
Nobody knew what became of Versipellis after that.

It’s said that his distrust of the werewolves is why shape shifters do not align themselves or live anymore, with any pack of werewolves. Why they do not seek out werewolves for help and association.


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  1. Interesting legend. Thx B

    Comment by Pierre — October 29, 2010 @ 9:03 pm

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