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The Horror of Horror movies | November 3, 2010

Another formspring question: Which horror movie would you hate to experience the most in real life?

Ohhh what a messed up question.
Now I have to think of all the great horror movies that are out there and which ones I’ve seen.

The Shining – What’s worse, Jack Nicholson loosing his freakn marbles of the twins on the bikes? Yeah, Jack, every time. Especially when he comes after you with an Axe – Here’s Johnny style, in a secluded far away from everything and everyone type of help situation. But I could dance with that devil in the pale moonlight, so not that one.

Still thinking….

Halloween – Okay this movie has a good scare factor in that the bad guy essentially is faceless (you know if you don’t consider the hockey mask) and he’s rather relentless once he has a target in sight. It’s like he has an on switch but no off switch. I mean if I’m going to be fighting someone for my life, seeing who they are, is some sort of psychological advantage for sure. But I’d take the lead of the scream queen herself in this movie, Jamie-Lee and kick Michael’s ass big time. Probably by ripping that god damn mask off his face!!

Okay, let’s see if I can narrow the field down a little. Here are the ones that are more hardcore because of the realism factor:

Silence of the Lambs – yeah, that pretty much narrows it down straight away doesn’t it?

It’s very realistic in the fact that people get kidnapped and held against their will. The fact that the victims are put in a well that shows the blood finger prints of those before them is a major head trip. That the victims are cut up and skinned is horrifying a thought and that dude, the bad guy. His voice is completely creepy!!! I can’t tell you how much I dread hearing the line “She puts the lotion in the basket.” You’d never think such a simple sentence could mean immanent death and doom.

Hostel II Eli Roth is a twisted fuck. The scenario of backpackers being kidnapped and torturted in exotic lands because they don’t keep in contact and they fit a “type” for the demented people who pay to kill them, yeah, that’s sending chills down my spine. Especially the girls in those films – the one that gets hacked apart by a scythe while she’s hanging upside down, bound and conscious. That’s fucked up and horrid. The girl that gets her head drilled because her hair gets caught in the machinery. Enough to make me throw up.

But the winner would have to be:

Saw – any freaking number. Take your pick.

These movies make everything looked twisted and horrible and painful and inevitable. Nobody stands a chance at anything in these movies. And that’s kind of the point isn’t it?

The creative genius of the traps, requires little to no reaction when you find yourself in one, and you have to think before panic in these situations and that in itself is almost impossible to do when you realize you’re about to become sushi brain matter.

So yeah, this would win.

I mean it’s one thing to be trapped in a room with no way out, it’s another to be trapped in a room /house and tied down, strapped, bound or caged. I’d hate the loss of freedom of movement. I’d hate to be in a situation where there is just no way out, no better alternative, no chance of survival and not a shot in hell of stopping the madness from ever coming after me again or repeating continuously after me, if I was gone.



  1. This is a good list. The Saw and Hostel movies are so bloody that I’d probably pick those, too.

    Although no one can play crazy like Jack Nicholson. At least he would have killed me quickly though.

    Comment by thoughtsappear — November 3, 2010 @ 9:00 am

    • Yeah Jack boy doesnt really do horror movies does he? But he does scary crazy waaaay to easy.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — November 3, 2010 @ 5:50 pm

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