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Scarred | November 14, 2010

I’ve always wondered why people use knives as weapons in movies and tv shows, where there is usually far more effective means to attacking the enemy. But I get it now. After being stabbed, I get it.

I know why Gabby slid that knife into my gut.

Partially for her own revenge on me and what she see’s me being responsible for. The death of her lover. Partially because the knife was there, when she needed a weapon, it was a moment of opportunity, it was easy enough for her to get her paws on. But mostly, I think these people that use knives as weapons on other people, use them because they’re personal.

You see, you have to get up close to your target to use a knife. I mean, you could always throw it, but there’s a possibility you’d miss your target. But if you use it, in your hands, with your hands, using your own power to wield it, make it do what you want it to do, then you’re less likely to miss your target. And more likely to get the result you want. And because you have to get so close to your target, rather than be miles away from it, it derives a certain sort of elation and satisfaction from the action of using the knife.

I run my fingers over the baby pink, smooth scar above the olive toned skin my hip bone. The skin, around the wounded area, looks a little off centre and stretched. Like the doctor had to pull it taunt to stitch it up. Yeah, who’d have thought a werewolf would need a doctor? Not me. The rarity of health problems aside, when I do have a physical problem with my body, I can solve it, make it better and make it go away, by shape shifting.

Only, my attacker, Gabby, knew that because the bitch is also a werewolf. An evilly smart one at that. She made me ingest silver, just minute traces of it, through water, so it was absorbed quickly into my body’s system and whilst a majority of it would pass through me quickly. There would still be enough trace amounts left inside me, that it would stop me, immediately, from being able to heal myself through a shape shift.

The scar is soft and about five centre meters long. I’m kind of fascinated by it.
It’s my first scar. I’ve never had one before. For all the scrapes and troubles I’ve got into, I’ve never had a permanent reminder marking my body. Because when you shape shift, it takes care of that. It’s like a blank slate when you come too. Everything is good again, better than good again, in your body and well being.

But because of the traces of silver in my system, I couldn’t bring on my shape shift. So when Paris found me, I had to be attended to by traditional methods. Because the silver in me, also acted as a blocker to him and the other werewolves, trying to bring on my shape shift, for me, through their Alpha werewolf abilities.

See, evil genius, really. Also, fucking nasty. To have a fellow werewolf do that to one of their own. Although, Gabby would probably say something like I’m not one of her own, because technically, I’m not Manhattan Maen pack.

Once the doctor had attended to me, and I’d come around, long enough to tell Paris what Gabby had done to me, Paris and the boys had to pump my stomach and flush my system. The sooner the silver got out of me, the faster I could really recover. The better I could recover than any western medicine around.

When I did manage to shape shift, and come out of it, I was left with a scar. Which indicated that some silver was still in me at the time.

So my scar is Gabby’s permanent reminder of pain. Hers and mine. And it’s on this intimate part of my body, the hip bone, that when revealed to be naked, will touch another’s flesh when making love. Which kind of reinforces why she did this to me. She was in pain and steeped in anger about lost love.

Now am I going to think about this, every time it touches skin?



  1. Mmm. Nasty bit of work this Gabby – well thought out on the consequences of her actions.

    Comment by Pierre — November 15, 2010 @ 8:59 am

    • A natural born bitch, me thinks.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — November 15, 2010 @ 6:17 pm

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