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Branded | November 16, 2010

I’m so absorbed in looking at this scar in the mirror, that I don’t notice my sister walk into my room, and look at me.

“What the hell is that?” She says loudly suddenly storming over to me as I pull down my top. I glance over at her angry face and take a few steps back.

“It’s nothing.” I mutter quickly. Even though already in my mind, I know that’s a lie. I’ve already signified the scar more than I should have. I’m scarred. Marked. Branded.

Bodil reaches for my top even as I try to fend of her hands and yanks the edge of the top up quickly. Her brown eyes falling on the scar instantly.

“You’ve been scarred.”

I sigh and let her examine it, since she’s now already seen it. Maybe she won’t make a big deal out of this. “How long have you had this?” She asks softly glancing up at me. I bite my lip. I really don’t want to have to tell her about this. It just won’t end well, for anyone. Bodil has a fiery temper and a fierce fighting nature. She’s highly protective of family and pack.

I choose not to answer her.

“Does it still hurt?” She asked checking it out up close.
“Did you get stitched up, like by a doctor?” She asked leaning in closer and then straightening back up to stand up and face me. Bodil’s never been to a doctor in her life. I’m fairly certain.
“Uh, initially, yes.”
“Why would you go to a doctor for this..unless…” Her eyes narrow on me. I think it’s best to remain utterly silent under her scrutinizing gaze. Bodil’s smart, she can connect the dots to get to the conclusion. “There’s only one way we get scarred. Silver.” She states letting the top drop. “What happened?” She asks looking at me in a very serious manner.

My hopes for her not making this into a big deal are dashed immediately. I’ve seen my sister like this before. She’s ready to fight someone for this. Tear their head off kind of fight.

“Tell me or you will never leave the fortress of this house, ever again. I’ll make sure of it.” Bodil crosses her arms over her chest. I’d hold out on telling her if I didn’t think her threat was do-able. But Bodil usually comes good on her threats. Worse yet, she has the werewolf power and resources to back them up.

“I got stabbed.”

Her mouth drops open in surprise at my frank admission.

“By who?”

I sigh again. I can see the storm that is going to come from this, coming on.

“An Alpha wolf from the Manhattan Maen has a grudge against me and she made me ingest silver so I couldn’t shape shift.”

Her mouth drops open again, at the incredible story. “That’s it, you’re not leaving this house, till I say so.”
“What!” I yell at her.
Paris has got a lot to answer for.” She rants grabbing my mobile phone and laptop quickly off the dresser top and walking out of my room. “Don’t even try and sneak out.” She utters “Or I’ll make every Breukelen wolf track you down.” She closes the door behind her.

I sigh heavily. There is no point fighting with her. She’s on my side, she means well. Also she’s an Alpha. Stubborn beyond belief and she outranks me, not just by being older than me, but by her status in the pack and therefore, her influence with pack law. And what this situation calls for in terms of being dealt with.

I walk over to my bed and flop down on it.

Here’s the rub; I was attacked by a Alpha werewolf (read superior skilled warrior), kidnapped (held against my will), stabbed by said werewolf from another pack, in my boyfriend (Paris) the leading Pack Alpha’s territory. When in theory, me being a regular occurrence over there, should have meant, I was always protected from anything like this happening to me. I guess you could say I’m like a guest of the Maen, with a kind of immunity agreement, from my pack to his pack and vice versa unless I declare myself to be of his pack only. Which is a whole other deal. But even then I think my sister would still go ape-shit over something like this. So would anyone from my family.

By me, getting stabbed over there, and me being from the leading pack family here in Brooklyn, it’s like a line ball call on whether this means werewolf war or not. It all depends on how it gets handled.

Here’s the deeper rub; My sister Bodil will take on any werewolf if she needs to. She’s the best werewolf dominance fighter in Brooklyn and probably all of New York, even against the males here. If she has to fight Paris because of this, she will. Only if there’s a fight over something like this it won’t be to humiliate or maim the opponent. It’ll be to kill them. Out of Bodil and Paris, I have no idea who is the better fighter. I’d be hard pressed to separate them and I don’t want either of them dead.

But you can not brand a werewolf, and expect them to be owned. We are creatures of a long past, proud race, and a free one. If one werewolf is branded and then seen to be branded and owned, well in past years, they were ousted out of the pack. Because they couldn’t be seen to be a pack wolf. It’s like a sign of weakness, letting something lesser, weaker into your pack structure. It’s like a calling card, for other werewolf packs, to try and take that pack, over.

And that’s never good.



  1. Nice one B. 🙂

    Comment by Pierre — November 16, 2010 @ 8:36 am

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