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You can’t deny the werewolf | November 17, 2010

I feel caged. Even though I’m not.
Crowded I guess you could say.
I’m a werewolf, I’m used to being free. To roaming my way through life, without regard for fear, without hesitating, without being stopped.

Since revealing my knife wound’s scar to my sister Bodil, she’s pretty much started ruling my life. Yeah, I’m an adult and she’s an adult, a highly over protective one. She’s also a superior werewolf who’s like second in command of the Breukelen Pack. So whatever she enforces, gets done. No questions asked.

I’ve been made to stay at our family home, in Brooklyn. No contact with Paris allowed. No visiting him, no going to Manhattan. I kind of think I’m being punished even though I’m the one who got the raw end of the deal here, when she got stabbed by a Manhattan Maen Alpha werewolf.

I don’t really know what’s been decided for the fate of Gabby, the bitch who gutted me. But I am feeling the full brunt of over protectiveness from my family and pack. I haven’t had this kind of security detail since I was a teen and hunted by a lycan. After that, I couldn’t go anywhere without warrior wolves around me for a good year. At the instance of my father, leading pack Alpha of the Breukelen. Now this. It’s like I’m a magnet for remnants of the scar tissue in my life to reoccur. I don’t mean physically, I mean circumstances and events.

I can’t even see my boyfriend, because well, he wasn’t around to stop me being stabbed. My sister sees that as a grievous mistake on his part. But I think my brother Aksel, has managed to convince Bodil, not to hurt Paris because of it. I think, but I’m not really sure. Since neither of them is letting me in on what is going on with the processes surrounding dealing with my attack.

I’ve been allocated protective body guards as they were. Bodil’s friends are doing round the clock security on me. Ensuring there’s always at least one Alpha werewolf or fighter wolf with me. Whether I’m at home or not. It’s crazy. I’ve told her as much. But Bodil insists its for the best until this can be resolved, especially since no one has seen or heard from Gabby, since she ditched my bleeding body, at the safe house for Paris to find me.

Anyway, maybe things will change this week. Since it’s lunar week. I can’t be expected to sit around the house on lunar week, going stir crazy because the moon is riding my body to distraction and I can’t get my paws on my boyfriend. Here’s hoping, anyway. The old familiar restlessness is creeping into me, only it’s worse now because of this cabin like fever from being over protected so greatly.

And that’s not a good thing either.

You can’t deny the werewolf within. You can try like hell, but it’s near impossible to do and it’s not wise to ignore what you’re body’s trying to tell you to do. Makes a werewolf go feral and that usually leads to bloodshed and rampaging through streets of ruin.

Nobody wants that.
Especially me, I’ve already shed enough blood.



  1. Damn. A house detention’s not cool. Maybe the best until the “problem” is resolved.

    Comment by Pierre — November 17, 2010 @ 8:43 am

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