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Pack | November 24, 2010

“Well, now, this is cosy, isn’t it?” I mutter looking back at my sister Bodil. In a club and instead of relaxing and enjoying my night out with my packmate, I’m sitting there stiffly feeling like I have to be on my best behavior.

Bodil just returns the blank stare of someone who doesn’t give a shit, and won’t be baited easily, especially by a younger sibling. Even if I am only like three years younger than her. Like she has more patience than I’ll ever gain. She picks up a shot glass and downs it in one fluid motion.

I sigh loudly and look around us, even as Paris remains quiet, by my side, arm around my shoulders.

We’re being chaperoned. Me and Paris.

Yeah, this whole Gabby got a good shot in on me thing, is like a never ending issue of contention for my pack and how they view Paris and me. Our relationship. I hear there’s debate on whether I should be allowed to continue dating him. Well fuck that shit! I just think my super sister is super pissed, with concern about what happened to me and may have been getting in the Breukelen Alpha’s ear about it.

Part of me get’s it. She’s just being a big sister, looking out for me. Like she’d look out for anyone in our family. But no one’s come up with any real plan for how to deal with Gabby. So far it’s just consisted of keeping a look out for Gabby entering either territory of the Breukelen or the Manhattan Maen. All these wolves seem think similar, that if anything, she’s likely to come back after me.

To finish me off, as they haven’t said out loud to me.

I asked Paris why all the Alpha’s think that’s her only course of action with me. His answer was rather grim.

He said “Because, she’s an Alpha and well, if we view someone as an enemy and we get into something like this with them, we want to be the one to finish the fight off. It’s about pride as much as it is conquering and winning. And in Gabby’s case, she knows she has a big advantage over you, she’s not likely to ignore that if it means she can get what she wants, her revenge.”

Of course, I hadn’t really expected a more uplifting and positive response to the question. Especially since it concerns Gabby.

And I get it, for her, it’s either going to be about getting closure on the matter of me or it’s going to be about her triumphing completing, in whatever manner suits her best. Which could include my death at her paws. It’s hard to say, but the werewolf within most of us, pushes for it’s natural wants to be sated all the time and whilst I’m no Alpha werewolf, I gather, from what I know of them, that they’re werewolf selves, have deeper, darker, secrets and desires that us regular beta wolves do not need to think about contending with. So maybe the hunt and kill thing, is greater in them, hence why everyone thinks, Gabby will come back at me again. Because part of her, the true part of her, won’t let this thing between us slide. She won’t ever be happy until I’m dead.

Every Alpha wolf I’ve asked, Nick, Bodil, Paris, Wiatt, Addison, Booker, Aksel, about what I should expect from Gabby or what they think she’s going to do, has said the same thing basically.

It’s her against me, that much is certain.

Alpha werewolf, against a Beta werewolf, who’s got a pack as an army behind her.

That’s about a fair a fight as it gets.

I look back over at Bodil, who’s watching the movement in the club. Her eyes scanning it, looking for threats, irregular movements to the flow of atmosphere in there.

Yeah, it’d be about as fair a fight as I could make it, if they’d let me fight her.
But they won’t.

I know that. I can see it on Bodil’s face, I see it in Paris’s expression. I see it when the Breukelen hierarchy and the Manhattan Maen try to negotiate the best way to deal with Gabby and to handle me.

It’s a pack situation, now.

But who’s?



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  2. Until you face your fears-real or not- you will have doubts. So Bodil and Paris need to put you thru boot camp training! One day you will be an Alpha- it’s a matter of experience and time.
    Signed PN.

    Comment by Pierre — November 26, 2010 @ 8:53 am

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