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Reclaiming the crown | November 27, 2010

“I always thought you were the one who was the trouble maker in this family.” I smile at my sister.

We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, Bodil and I. All because I got stabbed, kidnapped and silvered. Not exactly an average day for a werewolf like me. No, I’m a modern day werewolf. I live in a city, in a neighborhood amongst humans. I can to an extent, control my shape shifting, and werewolf tendencies. I’ve learned how to live with what I am. As most werewolves of today have.

And yet, there’s still things not for today, things of old, that still make me a werewolf. Like those of lineages past. In a basic sense, we’re still all the same. I still have to contend with silver affecting me, and I still have deal with pack politics, and pack hierarchy and how that, affects, rules, ruins, interferes, whatever you want to call it, my life.

Family, who are hierarchy in the pack I come from. Family, can’t live with them, can’t shoot them either. Especially considering my family, is the leading pack family of the Breukelen wolves. The leading pack Alpha comes from my family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and my sister Bodil. But when something like this whole Gabby incidenthappens to one of us, to me in particular, since you know, it has, she falls into werewolf mode with a natural elegance that makes you see how some people are meant to be warriors. It shows me, again that this is the Alpha in her, taking over, and she’s less my sister than she is the Alpha werewolf that helps hold this pack together, by doing her duty to it as a werewolf.

She grins back at me. Brown eyes twinkling. “Everybody says that. Guess I manage to take the attention away from you by running interference with my own troubles, so often huh?”

We both laugh. We’re the only two girls in a family of five siblings. And now that I think about it, I’d say us girls are more trouble than the males of this family, at any given time.

There’s usually more focus on Bodil though and whatever her troubles and run ins are. Because she’s an Alpha werewolf. Basically, in the werewolf structure, an Alpha’s more involved, more important, more everything, because they’re an Alpha werewolf. They’re like the rockstars of werewolves, if you will.

“Not this time.” I sigh.

“Yeah, this time, you’ve really gone all out to reclaim the crown of problem child in this family, haven’t you?” She says looking across at me.

I see my sister looking at me with concern, my big sister. But I hear the words of an Alpha werewolf who’s on duty. Trying to figure out how to deal with an inter-pack mess without having to go to the worst possible case scenario. And I can hear, it in her voice, that she’s failing to come up with an answer for how to deal with this, that will suit all concerned.

“I’m a problem child? Because I decided to date a werewolf from another pack? Please, there are bigger problems in the world than this. You’re capable of handling bigger problems than this. I’m capable of making bigger problems, than this.”

“Don’t know if you noticed but the world you and I live in, is surrounded by werewolves. That dating part, isn’t really the problem.” She states, leaning forward, her arms on her legs as she sits on the edge of the coffee table, looking back at me.

I’ve known this all along. She knows this. The problem is Pack. Who’s pack has the right here. There are reputations to be maintained. And it doesn’t just boil down to, I got into a girl fight with some bitch and she whipped me. If I were just human, that might be the case. But in werewolf world, the implications are far greater than that. Especially when you’re a pack werewolf.

What you do as an individual, reflects back onto the pack you come from. Even more so on me, because I’m from the leading pack family. Which means, the whole Gabby incident, can’t be ignored and swept under the rug. It can’t be seen to be okay that she stabbed me and got away with it. It can’t be seen, that I’m taking the higher ground here, and letting bygones be bygones.

Because that’s not how werewolves think. That’s human talk. And if I were to just let sleeping dogs lie, over this matter, and word got out to other packs about the lack of action taken against Gabby. My pack, the Breukelen would be seen as an easy target. My family, pack leader, as weak.

Weakness in werewolf world, usually leaves an opening for the power hungry wolves, to come stomping in, and taking over your territory, your pack, your life. It has been known to happen before. As yet, and to the best of my knowledge not to any of the New York packs. The Breukelen don’t want to be the first to open that flood gate either, I don’t want to be my pack’s undoing.

Bodil’s not the only one who’s been doing a lot of thinking about this. It’s just she’s the only one of the two of us, who’s be sanctioned to solve the issue by means necessary of the pack. Even though I’m the wolf at the centre of the problem.

I’m the one who should be able to call the shots, on what comes next. On how to deal with Gabby. It’s not that nobody’s been listening to me. It’s more that, nobody’s asked me.

It’s more that the werewolves involved seemed to have forgotten, that being a beta wolf, doesn’t mean I’m not capable of solving this problem. They seem to think, because I’m not an Alpha werewolf that my mindset isn’t as capable of strategizing like there’s or as being as devious as Gabby’s. Maybe they just don’t want me to be. But this is a problem, that won’t go away. Because neither Gabby or I will back down from it. Not now.

I look back at my sister. Swing my legs down off the sofa and sit, facing her.

“I have a plan.”



  1. Thanks 4 explaining why revenge/retaliation ‘s important & necessary. :))

    Comment by Pierre — November 27, 2010 @ 11:42 pm

    • Guess it depends on wether you think it’s about revenge or just not letting people walk all over you and get away with shit.

      Comment by Breukelen Girl — November 28, 2010 @ 7:59 am

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