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Watch out for boys named Jacob | December 11, 2010

So apparently, werewolves are cool again. Or you know, still. Because parents are naming their babies after werewolves. No, I’m not kidding.

Apparently someone thought it worthy enough to write a brief article on this trend. So how do you know if a kid is named after a werewolf?

Well the give away is in the popularity of the name and apparently, wether it’s associated with..wait for it…wait…you know I’m going to say it…..Twilight!!

Yep talk about taking a great big leap in authenticity and sense. Since Jacob is a werewolf in the twilight movie, and his name is one of the most popular in the 100 popular male babies names, it must be true. I mean it’s not like the name Jacob has ever been popular before Twilight came along right?

Oh wait.

in 2007 Jacob made it to No #17 in the popular boys names list
in 2006 Jacob made it to No #21
in 2004 Jacob made it to No #14
in 2002 Jacob made it to No #15
in 2001 Jacob made it to No #11
in 1999 Jacob made it to No #12

Are we seeing a pattern here?
Jacob was actually more popular BEFORE twilight!

Do the people that wrote that inane bit of dribble, realise the name Jacob has been around since the biblical era and been popular way before Twilight ever decided to surface in Stephanie Myer’s imagination? Remember people, Twilight came out in 2005.

And by the way, Jacob is just a name. It’s not a “Werewolf” name as such. It doesnt mean werewolf. It’s a biblical name that means “held by the heel”.

And if a kid is named Jacob, doesn’t mean he’s either A) going to turn into a werewolf or B) like the Twilight movie or C) like girls coming up to him and comparing him to Jacob from Twilight.

I already feel sorry for the Jacobs of the world having to have been associated with that crappy article to begin with.


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  1. I feel sorry for boys named Jacob after 2005. Maybe not as much compared to fellas name Ken! Meh. I’ve done Ken to death now! Lol. What about poor Bellas?

    Comment by Pierre — December 11, 2010 @ 8:16 am

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