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Braving the Braganza | January 24, 2011

So there’s a coyote moving into Queens hey?

My money’s on it’s a shifter. Because seriously, to many animals, wild and natural are too smart to mess with werewolf territory like that. Werewolves have territory, or you know space they consider theirs and their packs and they don’t take kindly to it being invaded or used without welcome from others, like lone wolves, shape shifters or even lycans.

But shifter’s, shape shifters from what little I know of them, don’t exactly have rules or follow a format of what could be called society like pack animals. Like werewolves.

Shape shifters, tend to do their own thing. So I’m betting this coyote, that has “allowed” itself to be seen in Calvary Cemetery, is probably a shape shifter, that is sending out some kind of message to the werewolves of the Braganza pack in Queens. Or maybe just locally to whoever or whatever is in the suburb of Woodside, even.

I say this, because the Braganza pack, are the largest werewolf pack in all of New York. They’re also not exactly….nice. So messing with them is rather stupid thing to do if it’s not necessary. Although, why would that stop anything or anyone from dealing with the Braganza? It wouldn’t necessarily. The Breukelen have had their run ins throughout time with the Braganza.

However, the Breukelen tend to get along quite harmoniously with most of the other borough’s packs.

Still it’s hard to say if it’s a wild animal or a shifter from a picture. I can’t tell like that. I like most other werewovles, have to get up close in the vicinity of the animal to be able to track and scent it, to tell which it is.

If it is a shape shifter, it’s brave. I mean, the few shape shifter’s I know and have met, are individuals. The New York Post is calling the Coyote – Lonely E. Coyote. Clearly because there’s only one of it’s kind spotted so close to town. But they’re not wrong with their assumption on it’s status.They don’t really work in a pack or with others. It’s kind of a lone, solitude deal with them, that’s the vibe I pick up from most of them.

So it’s got me wondering, who the Coyote is and what it’s buisness with the Braganza pack must be.



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pierre Novaeu, Breukelen_girl. Breukelen_girl said: Braving the Braganza: http://wp.me/pyFur-1jF […]

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  2. I like the idea of throwing a spanner in the works! Disrupting and challenging the establishment. So yay for the shape shifter! Lol. And thanks for the post B.

    Comment by novatwitman — January 25, 2011 @ 4:50 am

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