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January werewolves | January 29, 2011

I noticed one of the serch terms for my blog was “what happens to werewolves in january?” – which got me wondering why, anyone would be looking for that? Unless of course they love my blog so much they’re missing that I haven’t posted that much in January. Which I suspect is the case, because how could you not love this blog? So to stop the tears and crying, I’m going to tell you what happens to werewolves in January.


Nothing out of the ordinary unless extraordinary circumstances are put on us. Nothing unusual from our normal routines. Nothing any more odd than the usual turning furry once a month trick. Nothing that warrants a search on the internet.

You see, werewolves, are in a sense, just like humans. Wait, hear me out on this. Today’s werewolves, are a hybrid mix of human and wolf right? And as such we have to balance the two parts of who we are – the nature of the wolf and it’s needs, shape shifting, hunting, scenting, urges, all that stuff. But by the same token standard, we have to look after the human side of us too. You neglect one side and the whole “being” part of being a werewolf, goes out of whack.

Controlling the balance of our identity is crucial. Favour one side of who we are too much, and then you risk becoming more and more that side of you. I mean, it’s not so different to humans. For example, there are humans who are killers, but they are capable of knowing right from wrong, but they engage in the wrong more and more, and so it becomes the normal for them. So they become what’s wrong about them.

Werewolf sitch is similar. If we take on the wolf form too much engage in only werewolf behaviour, whilst ignoring our human psychology’s needs, then we’re more likely to become some sort of feral werewolf, that doesn’t respond to all the systems and rules we’ve put in place for werewolves of today. And that only means bad things for humans, trust me.

We’ve developed our habits and routines for dealing with being a werewolf, and so like humans, we go through our motions, and do our daily routines, and go about our lives as best we can.

For me, January has been a bit about dealing with the various bits of fall out from the bitch fight in December. Cause it turns out, whilst dealing with the Gabby problem first hand, that doesn’t mean things stop. Gabby has been dealt with and I haven’t seen her since, but my actions, well, it turns out there are consequences to what I did, like a ripple in the pond kind of thing.

If I ever thought I wasn’t important in the werewolf culture, well that thought’s flow out of my head now. All the crap that comes back on me from what happened in December, has shown me, that’s not the case, to a lot of wolves.

Oh and also, in January, another reason for my lack of posts to the blog – working on the manuscript for the first Breukelen werewolf book.


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  1. Yes. Well missed in January 2011. But then it’s the vacation period so big deal . A manuscript for Breukelen werewolf book? Wow. Most excellent! G’luck!

    Comment by novatwitman — January 29, 2011 @ 9:26 pm

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pierre Novaeu, Breukelen_girl. Breukelen_girl said: January werewolves: http://wp.me/pyFur-1ke […]

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  3. Hay! Can you please write some more? i have missed you all of this February!

    Comment by wolfgurlz — February 22, 2011 @ 8:02 pm

  4. The webcomic Sorcery 101 http://www.sorcery101.net/ makes vague reference to January being exceptional for werewolves — as if that when they’re in heat or something.

    Comment by Halal — April 9, 2011 @ 4:34 pm

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