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Teen Wolf : A werewolf’s review | August 7, 2011

I started watching the new Teen wolf series. But then my life took over from me and I haven’t had all that much time for television since then. I think I got about four episodes in and decided I liked it, however formulaic it was. So here’s the start of my review on it, at least it’s characters.

Suprisingly, the best part of the new teen wolf television series for me is probably what was the worst part of the original teenwolf movie of which this show is based on.


Scott aka teen wolf’s best friend. In the movie, he’s too cheesy, too over the top, and quite frankly about as annoying as can be. However, Dylan O’Brien who plays Stiles in the series, is spot on perfect. I find him to be the right combination of humour and anxious teenager. I actually think he steals pretty much every scene he’s in because his acting is so seamlessly part of the character. Shockingly, I love this new styles character.

Teen wolf himself Tyler Posey, is doing a fairly good job of holding up his own as a confused, teenage beta wolf. Having been there (so to speak) and done that myself, I’d have to say I can relate to a lot of what he’s going through. Growing up is usually like navigating a gauntlet course of life, throw in the mix growing up werewolf and it just doubles the danger of the gauntlet and ups the stress and pressure on the teen to cope with being a werewolf.

Lunar nights become a whole new world to us. As Scott /teen wolf is finding out when he wakes up thinking he’s gone on a killing spree and finding out about the whole structure of the Alpha male and pack to him.

Yes we all have our little issues to sort through growing up, but being a teenwolf is a wee bit different to the average teenager in normal life.

The annoyances for me in this show are the popular kids. Clichéd to the hilt and barely worth believing as characters. I know the role of popular kids in teenage social structures is to be beautiful, athletic and mean. But the characters in this, like Lydia, bring a whole new meaning to the word shallow. Like, cardboard cut-out empty, shallow.

Also, can somebody answer this for me, the opening shot of the school says class of 1985 – clearly an homage to the original film, but then all the kids in this series seem to have technology and fashion from our time. So am I watching an alternate 1985 timeline? Or is that something?

Tyler Hoechlin who plays Derek Hale is a new element into the teen wolf world but an obviously needed one when adpting this film premise into a tv show. He reminds me a lot of Angel from Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as he first appeared. Moody and chiseled within an inch of his life. Mysteriously appearing, brooding and then disappearing again only to cryptically menace teen wolf later.

I’ll try and review more of the series and give you a werewolf’s perspective on a werewolf tv show. When I have some more time!


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  1. With the twist being introduced at the end of the episode I have a feeling that Allison will get a hell of lot more intriguing as the show moves forward..As for the love that will undoubtedly unfold between Scott and Allison I think thats where the show can gain its strength due to the complicated matters of falling in love with the girl whose father just so happens to be a werewolf hunter. Instead of an innocent precocious female protagonist pouting to us on a weekly annually basis we have a hormonally challenged male to sympathize with and the curse of the werewolf is a perfect way to explore those themes. Believe me I know..Other things of note is the werewolf mythology itself which is kind of blurred at this point and is a given so early in the game.

    Comment by dieta — August 21, 2011 @ 9:49 pm

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