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Teen Wolf Season 2, episode Yawn. | July 12, 2012

You know I had such hopes for Teen Wolf the TV series.

And now, as Season 2 starts up and I resume my watching, I can’t help but feel the disappointment coming on.  And I felt that after watching the first episode!

Have the writers changed? Has the vision in the overall story arc changes? What is with falling into predictable patterns and characters and trying to turn others into something out of a J. J Abrahams unsatisfying TV show? Hmmm?

My review of Season one was a good one, because I thought the way the movie version of characters had been adapted to the small screen was very well done with some all out great casting.  But now it seems, that the tv show has fallen on it’s laurels and gone into the regular mythos surrounding werewolves, which isn’t necessarily true, but hey, each to their own. Rehash, rehash, some people will buy it.

The show returns with a beautiful opening scene of Jackson (the school lacrosse captain and  jock and bully) who last season, we were left wondering if he would be ripped apart by Derek (the new alpha werewolf) and killed or transformed into the next werewolf and what that would mean for Scott (teen wolf) if he was.

We were never actually show the next step.  So the opening scene is a little odd for us to suddenly clutch onto. Especially since it doesn’t take off, where our season left us.  Well it does, but know exactly how it left us. Again the viewer is left to wonder for a moment, where we are in the teen wolf verse and what has happened.

A beautiful moon light night in the wilderness draws us in as Jackson suddenly appears breaking the surface of the river’s water dramatically, as he surges upwards out of the water, we see the very big,  werewolf bite on his side.  Whilst we are able to tell that Derek has decided to turn him into a werewolf, I’m still left wondering what that has to do with Jackson surfacing like an Olympic champion coming up for air after a 9.0 dive.   It’s iconic imagery alright, but it’s also irrelevant at all to the story we know. So why put it in there? Did Derek throw him in the water? Did they decide to go for a midnight swim? and by the way, why aren’t the parents of these kids aware that they’re kids are out so freakn late at night?

Cut to the hospital and we’re updated on Lydia (smart school girl playing mean girl previously dating school jock Jackson) and we’re not learning anything new on her that we don’t already know.  She was attacked by another alpha werewolf and was taken to hospital to recover.  Teen Wolf and Stiles have been keeping an eye on her, to see if she turns into a werewolf.

Yeah I know, this whole “turning into a werewolf” theme is becoming, well, repetitive and I’m only on episode 1 at this stage.  Granted this is a TV show about a “werewolf”. Still, there is more to being a werewolf than turning people into them.  Or you know, maybe in Teen Wolf world, there really isn’t.

Lydia is awake and freaking out about visions of odd, creepy things that aren’t actually happening in reality.  Dirty shower water, loosing hair, creepy hands and claws…So no change from Season 1.  She flees the hospital and is later found, nude and wondering the woods. Yawn.

No explanation as to what she “is” other than, alive.  Lydia’s visions, whilst unexplained are left for us to think that they are merely a side affect of her werewolf attack that she must suffer through and us with her and her derangements.  So Lydia has been turned into a zimbo (I like to think of it as a combination of zombie and bimbo). Boring.

Meanwhile our two teenage love birds – Allison and Teen Wolf are secretly romeo and julieting and sneaking around behind their parents backs still dating one another – they were banned in Season one, Scott pretty much threatened with death if he continued to see Allison the daughter of the local pissed off werewolf hunter.  They’re love is so great now that they’ve progressed to frotting with  one another – you know, rubbing up against each other in just their underwear.  Blah!

Whilst our teenage lovers keep the home fires hot and heavy, the werewolf world looks sure to burst open any time soon with Allison’s uncle coming to town.  He’s some sort of highly scary and respected figure in her family that everyone seems to be on edge about.  Oh that’s because Colonel Tai from Battlestar Galatica is Allison’s dead Aunt’s (from season 1) father!  And he is not happy as we can tell from the funeral that is held for his dead daughter.  In fact he leads a hunting party out at night looking for werewolves.

The hunting party has started setting up various traps around the forests of whatever town it is, that Teen Wolf and everyone reside in.  And they manage to capture not only Teen Wolf at one stage, but also another werewolf we’re introduced to as The Omega.  Colonel Tai explains “An omega is a lone wolf, one who has left or been banished from it’s pack.”   The hunters proceed to kill the omega wolf who has done them no wrong, but since he is a werewolf he must be killed.  Despite Allison’s father saying “we have a code.”

Because you know, its an us or them world in Teen Wolf.


There’s something about some other random highschool person who was attacked by what we don’t know but assume is a werewolf  that is most likely Derek, but really – who cares? I don’t. I was pretty much over this by the end of the episode.


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